Bronco Games Is Announced

Bronco has taken a step towards broadening our expertise, with the addition of a new online gaming subsidiary of our brand, as we increase our business offering into a whole new business niche, alongside the specialisms in Search Marketing and web development that we already have.

Bronco have now formed Bronco Games which will become the home for our new plans to develop online multiplayer games for the mass market, drawing from our knowledge of the industry as well as making use of our online marketing experience, we look to grow this new venture into one that will make us one of the top online games providers on the web.

As part of the move into this new sector, Bronco Games acquired two of the biggest Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) titles on the market back in April 2012, making a joint purchase of and from former developers Black Ice Creations.

The move to buy into the market has meant that Bronco Games now have an immediate platform within the industry and while offering new developments and enhancement to the current gaming titles, we have the foundations on which to continue the growth of the games, while also looking to create our own bespoke gaming title in the near future.

We are looking to create online games which are targeted towards the gaming experience that players are looking for, and we’re looking to absorb suggestions and feedback from our current member base of over 300,000 worldwide gamers in order to shape our future creations, giving players the features and gameplay that they crave but are currently unable to find elsewhere within the market.

With an in-house team of developers and graphic designers, we are looking to take the MMORPG market to a new level, making use of the ties within Bronco to ensure that we can promote both our present and future gaming titles to the mass market.

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