Bronco Has Moved

Bronco is really pleased to announce that we have moved offices over the weekend and we are now working from our new Bronco HQ.

It’s been a long road that started about 18 months ago of looking at new premises and land to see what we could buy or rent somewhere for our new offices. The plan has never been to move into a big new building so that we can expand the number of staff and grow the company in that way, but we have been looking for a better working environment to put the “icing on the cake” as it were for staff. We had been in our old building for just over 6 years, and even though there was nothing drastically wrong with it, we found that mainly having an office over 2 floor started to create a divide with an “upstairs” and a “downstairs” team. The building was also old, it had lots of characteristic features, that if you were looking to buy a period house would fit the bill but it always was a bit bland for our style. But when we looked at new build office blocks they lacked any character, and one major issue is that they tend to be out of town and with limited parking.

So when a unit on the same business park came available we got interior designers on board to do all the space managament and creative details to create the new Bronco HQ. The design process started in the Summer of 2012, and work started at the beginning of November. We had to literally take the building back to a bare shell, we took the ceilings down and installed steels so that we could get a full height ceiling, and then the carpenters, builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, and decorators set about creating the end design. There will be photos to follow but this is just an opportunity to thank all those involved in the project to make it all happen. April will mark Bronco’s 10th birthday so it’s exciting to see what the next decade holds for us.

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