Christmas Donations

Christmas cards are a nice way to send out a little Christmas cheer in December, but that buzz doesn’t last so long and within a few weeks the cards are heading to be recycled. Charity Christmas cards help add something more worthwhile to the act of card giving but the amount that goes to charity depends on the cost of producing the cards themselves.

At Bronco, as in previous years, we’ve not bothered with the cards and instead just given all the money to charity. We know some people might be disappointed to not receive a card but it just doesn’t compare to the life changing benefits of a hearty donation.

And as with previous years we’ve donated to a charity we’ve supported for a number of years; FOP Action. This charities main goal is simple; to research a cure for a disease that turns people into living statues. The disease affects the normal tissue and muscle in the human body and transforms it to bone, locking many of a person’s usually free moving joints.

This year the charity has a big goal to reach in order to guarantee continued research into a cure. By the end of January 2013 they need to raise a total of

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