Human Systems – Project Management on an epic scale

Last week saw the launch of Human Systems; the culmination of two months work that has seen the website redesigned, rebuilt and rewritten from the ground up.

With an aging design and salespeople uncomfortable with publicising their website, Human Systems commissioned us to create them a website that would be a more functional resource as well as be something they could proudly show prospective clients.

The new Human Systems website is a mixture of static and CMS driven pages built on a bespoke CMS platform; tailored exactly to the client’s requirements. This allowed not only the addition of news and workshops but also case studies and PDF downloads that form the basis of the new Resource Library.

Accessible via a login system the Resource Library allows the users of the website to gain access to a wealth of information that previously had to be requested via a form and manually emailed back to them. The new website streamlines this process making the information instantly available and with no drain on the company’s resources.

Corporate Style

Whereas recently we’ve moved towards creating designs that form a greater emotional connection with the user it was necessary with Humans Systems to create a design that adopted a much more corporate style. Human Systems is a B2B (business to business) company where emotional design is likely to alienate users rather than engage them.

When a company’s clients include such large multinationals as Vodafone, Barclays and GlaxoSmithKline as well as a number of Government Agencies portraying a professional image is critical. As the ethos of such companies is one of professionalism and efficiency they will look to partner with companies who share a similar approach to business. To appear like the ideal partner the Humans Systems website needed to exemplify these ideals through its design as well as its content.

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