The basics of Typography and layout

Typography and layout are fundamental in successful graphic design and are two of the most confusing areas to understand. My aim here is to shine a light on the basics of their terminology and impart some pieces of good practice.

Typefaces vs fonts

The fundamental difference between typefaces and fonts …

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Living with mod_pagespeed

A few weeks ago we implemented mod_pagespeed on a couple of websites to automate some speed optimisation techniques. At the time it seemed like a no brainer to roll it out onto a few of our servers and speed up a large number of our clients’ websites.

I thought the …

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Our Need for Speed: Part 2

Last week I wrote about our efforts in speeding up the David Naylor website in an attempt to get a perfect 100 out of 100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights (GPSI). We got close but we’re stuck on one last problem; server response time.

We’ve improved things a little since …

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