Announcing Bronco AdPauser – Automatically Pause Your Ads If Your Site Goes Down – FREE Downloadable AdWords Script

It also re-enables them when the site come back online too.

You may be familiar with the problem – your website goes down, usually at a inconvenient time such as on the weekend, in the evening or even during a busy day. As a result you’re rushed off your feet trying to fix it, and only after it’s all been fixed a few hours (or even days) later that you realise you forgot to pause your Google Ads – in the meantime you may have spent a few hundred (or in some cases thousands) on Ads going to pages that don’t work. Bronco AdPauser will fix that problem.

For the past four months we’ve been developing and testing this script in house – we developed it after finding a couple of paid services on the web – but we thought we’d build our own.

So, without further a do, I introduce to you Bronco’s FREE to download, aptly named Bronco AdPauser.

It’s simple to install (and delete) and it’s a standalone product – it doesn’t connect to any Bronco servers, which means it’ll continue to work and your data will remain private.

Please Note: This script will not paused product ads, as the functionality is currently unavailable in Google AdWords.

How AdPauser Works

Essentially the script does the following:

  1. It checks all your live keywords and their attached URLs.
  2. It checks all your live ads and their attached URLs.
  3. It checks any keywords or ads that are paused with the label “DOWN”.
  4. It only checks each URL once (so it won’t overload your server), if the URL returns a 404 error (page not found), 500 error (server error) or it times out the script will pause the relevant keywords/ads and adds a label “DOWN”. If the URL is attached to a keyword/ad that is paused with the label “DOWN” and it is now deemed to be working, it will unpause the keyword/ad and remove the label.
  5. It emails a summary – to check exactly what it has done you can simply browse to the labels section and click to see what is labelled “DOWN”.

Installing AdPauser

To install this script please do the following:

  1. Login to your Google AdWords account (if you are using an MCC account browse to the account you wish to use this script on).
  2. Goto “Bulk operations > Scripts”.
  3. Click the Add script button.
  4. Delete whatever is in the initial script Google automatically puts on it.
  5. Change the name of the script to “Website Status Checking Script”.
  6. You will need to authorise the script, to do this click the “Authorise now” button and follow the instructions (you may have to authorise twice).
  7. Copy and paste the contents of the following text file into this blank script:

  1. If your email address is different to the account owner you will need to change the email address so that it emails you when it pauses/enables ads/keywords.
  2. Run the script, this will add a label it needs to work (kind of like installing the script)
  3. Preview it and check it works, then save and then close it.
  4. Click on “Change Schedule” and schedule it to run on an hourly basis.

That’s it! You should get an email now saying how many ads/keywords have been paused/unpaused whenever your site goes down (and then again when it gets back online again).

Disclaimer: We’ve only tested this on our account and on a number of client accounts against a limited number of scenarios (including product ads), in downloading and using our script you agree to absolve us of all¬†responsibility (legal or otherwise) for any issues that arise from you using this script.


  • Damon Gudaitis

    When you preview the script in AdWords, I get the following error in the Logs:

    Creating label, ‘DOWN’
    The label DOWN does not exist. (line 66)

    I’m not very good with Javascript, but I presume that the reason this error shows is that I don’t have any ads labelled as ‘DOWN’ which is a good thing.

    Maybe you should mention this somewhere in the documents for people with even less knowledge of Javascript than me.

    • David Whitehouse

      Hi Damon,

      I’ll update the blog post, thanks. It’s because it needs to install the label, so when it is previewed it doesn’t work. If you run the script once that will install the label and then after that previewing it should work.

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