Google Penalty Recovery

We know just how much a website can be affected by a Google penalty and our extensive experience of helping some of the biggest brands means that we have a vast amount of experience with Panda and Penguin penalties as well as Unnatural Link Warnings and manual spam actions.

Why Choose Bronco to Manage Your Recovery?

  • Highly successful cleanup process, with a 100% success rate
  • All links manually checked by our own expert team, not outsourced
  • Data pulled from multiple sources for a comprehensive picture
  • We provide you with post recovery support and advice

Unlike many mainstream Google recovery tools and services, our processes are manually completed, giving us the chance to review each and every issue with an experienced and informed decision being made by a team of experts.

Because we remove the automated decision making, we boast a very successful Google penalty recovery rate. We have accomplished everything from the recovery of Google Panda issues, Google Penguin clean ups and recovery, right down to getting manual actions, caused by a link penalty, lifted by doing a thorough link clean up and reconsideration request.

Is Your Site Under a Google Penalty?

We know that trying to find out the reason for the sudden reduction of sales, traffic and rankings for your site can be a daunting task but we are here to help, using industry leading tools and a wealth of experience to be able to accurately pinpoint the cause for you.

Penalty Warning
Penalty Warning in Google Webmaster Tools

Get in touch with us and ask for a free assessment of your site in order to find out whether you have suffered a negative effect from one of the growing number of Google penalties and we will be able to advise you of what action needs to be taken, and how we can help.

Take Action Against Your Penalty Now

When it comes to a Google penalisation, and when your rankings start to suffer, you need to take the right action to get your site back on track. We will give you an honest opinion of the situation you are in, if we can help you recover and how long it may take.

Searchmetrics Graph
Searchmetrics graph showing penalty and recovery

We strongly advise that you do not ignore these penalisations as they become more detrimental to your website the longer that it takes for you to action a recovery, meaning that rankings and traffic will continue to decrease the longer that it takes for you to rectify the issues that your site has.

Still not sure?

If you're still not sold on the recovery service that Bronco can provide, why not watch the video below explaining our approach to Link Removal and then get in touch.

Suffering with a penalty?

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Traffic taken a nosedive?

But unsure if a Google Algorithm Update is to blame or not?

Google is constantly working on their search algorithm, making changes that could badly affect your website rankings. Our Google Update Calendar gives you an easy to use resource that allows you to match a drop in rankings to a specific Google Update.

Google Update Calendar

Bronco Google Update Calendar Preview

The Usual Suspects

Google Penguin and Panda Bots

What is Google Panda?

Created by Google to detect low quality and guideline breaking websites based on their on-page activity, Google Panda is an algorithmic sanity checker that is designed to take action against websites that are trying to deceive or manipulate users or the Google ranking algorithm.

First reported to have been rolled into inception February 23rd 2011, it has captured thousands of websites that Google deem to be without value or simply created with an intention to manipulate Google in one way or another.

Originally rolled out manually, the results seen by Google have given them enough reason to roll Google Panda out periodically amid their regular algorithm updates.

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What is Google Penguin?

Designed to be the alter ego of Google Panda, Penguin was created with off-page elements in mind and that has allowed Google to monitor backlink profiles of websites on a much wider scale, taking automatic action against sites that are found to be breaching the Google quality guidelines.

First released in April 2012, Google Penguin was reported to have impacted an estimated 3.1% of English search queries and since that date has continued to be one of the hardest infractions to escape in a short time period after evidence showed that those caught up within the actions were then forced to wait for the algorithmic update to run again in order to be re-assessed.

Time really is of the essence if your site is suffering as a result of the Google Penguin update as the update is often massively delayed between activations, so get in touch to find out more about how Bronco can help you!

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