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Crawl Budget: Can You Afford to Ignore It?

Something that seems to be cropping up a lot recently throughout the world of SEO, Google and beyond, is Google’s “Crawl Budget.” The importance of it is certainly growing rapidly, and is keeping many SEO experts on their toes.

In this article, we take a brief look at what Google’s crawl budget is, and how to keep control of it moving forwards to improve SEO performance. So, without further ado…

What Is Crawl Budget?

Crawl budget, according to Google themselves, is gauged as the amount of time spent by search engines crawling a website on a day to day basis. …

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Being at our positive best

My first day 4 years ago coincided with a move for the team into the brand new Bronco office. In the time since then, we’ve grown and changed as a company – we’ve had a few new faces along the way and said goodbye to others, but the Bronco team spirit has always been there and it’s something that we’re always keen to maintain and improve. As one of our new mottos says: we’re Always Improving.

We started working with Bernie Price, once winner of the Universe now turned inspiration coach, a couple of years ago. I …

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Bronco 2017 : A sneak peek

Almost 18 months ago I wrote about how rather than redesign the Bronco website as we usually do pretty often that we were making smaller incremental changes to areas we felt needed an update.

Fast forward to the end of 2016 and we decided the website needed a bigger update. …

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How we create effective digital marketing campaigns that get results

Throughout my time working with the digital marketing team here at Bronco, I have had the pleasure of running many PR campaigns for some great brands. Although these have covered a diverse range of sectors, when it comes to gaining great coverage they all have one thing in common – …

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Using the PHP eBay API to Update Stock

A client of ours sells products on eBay as well as their own website and they needed to be able to ensure stock levels were correct on both platforms. This required the use of eBay’s API to manipulate stock on eBay when there was a sale on the website and …

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10 Simple and effective tips for working with influencers

With influencer marketing, you are looking for people to share your company or brand, telling your story using their influence. We have covered the ‘what is’ before in our post Talking about influencers, now we will look at 10 simple and effective tips to get started working with influencers.…

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Build Content Topics, Fast with Auto Suggest

Today I’m going to share with you a really useful Python script to get you started with scraping some of the Auto Suggest API’s.

In a lot of ways, this is limited only by your imagination. Personally, I like to use this for Q&A style comments – Great for building …

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Bronco’s SEO Predictions for 2017

2016 proved to be a big year in the SEO world, with the long awaited roll out of Penguin 4.0, an increased push on getting websites ‘mobile-friendly’, and Panda becoming part of the Google’s core algorithm. Looking at last year’s predictions, our digital marketing team weren’t far off, but …

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Bronco Web Dev Predictions for 2017

Web technologies are constantly evolving and at some pace. Again here are the Web team’s predictions for 2017.

Kean Speed is going to be a big focus in 2017. With Google pushing AMP there will be a number of decision makers wishing to push this technology, and designers and developers …

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Jetting to help

There are just some projects that you can’t help but go that extra mile with.

Jett is a 5 year old boy who along with his family have been dealt a difficult hand as Jett has Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a muscle wasting condition that causes severe pain, ever limiting movement …

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