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10 Simple and effective tips for working with influencers

With influencer marketing, you are looking for people to share your company or brand, telling your story using their influence. We have covered the ‘what is’ before in our post Talking about influencers, now we will look at 10 simple and effective tips to get started working with influencers.…

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Build Content Topics, Fast with Auto Suggest

Today I’m going to share with you a really useful Python script to get you started with scraping some of the Auto Suggest API’s.

In a lot of ways, this is limited only by your imagination. Personally, I like to use this for Q&A style comments – Great for building out FAQ’s for e-commerce sites, or general content building via ‘topical keyword research’. Let’s cut the waffle and jump straight in.

Say you have an online Wine Shop. With the following script we can quickly gain access to common searches from potential customers, the key here is that we’re specifying …

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Bronco’s SEO Predictions for 2017

2016 proved to be a big year in the SEO world, with the long awaited roll out of Penguin 4.0, an increased push on getting websites ‘mobile-friendly’, and Panda becoming part of the Google’s core algorithm. Looking at last year’s predictions, our digital marketing team weren’t far off, but …

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Bronco Web Dev Predictions for 2017

Web technologies are constantly evolving and at some pace. Again here are the Web team’s predictions for 2017.

Kean Speed is going to be a big focus in 2017. With Google pushing AMP there will be a number of decision makers wishing to push this technology, and designers and developers …

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Jetting to help

There are just some projects that you can’t help but go that extra mile with.

Jett is a 5 year old boy who along with his family have been dealt a difficult hand as Jett has Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a muscle wasting condition that causes severe pain, ever limiting movement …

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#SherlockLive: Integrating TV and Social Media

As more and more people move away from traditional television screens, instead getting their entertainment fix from on demand services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube on their phones, tablets and laptops, reaching the new generation of TV viewers is a struggle that entertainment providers are currently fighting against. …

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Bronco Media Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

In the world of digital marketing things change so quickly, we can find predictions we made at the beginning of the year can be obsolete before we get half way through, or something we never even considered becomes the next big thing. In 2016 the Digital Media Marketing team continually …

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Web Design & Development Predictions 2016 – Reviewed

Last but no means least it’s the web teams turn to recap on the predictions we made at the start of 2016 to see how our skills at predicting the future are. Here’s a hint, they’re not good enough to predict the lottery numbers.…

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How Google Overhauled Organic Search in 2016

The past 12 months has seen search change dramatically once again. We all knew it was coming, but Google has put a focus on paid, local, knowledge graph and its mobile index. A year ago, many predictions for SEO were doom and gloom, but rather than sink completely, SEO has …

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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016 – Reviewed

Last year the SEO dream team made some predictions; some bold, some fairly obvious (we need some to be right!). So, following the DMM’s recap, here’s ours.


Last year I said Google would fix hacked sites which optimise for image search. At the time, I gave the …

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