Building a Sticky Sidebar with jQuery

I’ve got no clue as to when but at some point I reached a tipping point where I began writing more of my own JavaScript (well jQuery really) rather than taking the easy option and looking for a plugin.

There’s two reasons why I started to do this…

  1. Plugins have to deal with a lot of use-cases and so are often heavier. I need my websites to be as lightweight as possible
  2. Plugins don’t always fit to your exact requirements and so the plugin influences how you approach the problem


One such function I’ve been refining this week makes …

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How many themes should I have installed on my WordPress Blog?

The following article is written purely from a security point of view as I am sure there will be a multitude users out there who will beg to differ, but just how many themes should you install on a WordPress blog? The answer if you care about security is usually just two, your current theme and a default WordPress theme (usually the latest one with all the bug fixes in place) to fall back to in case your current theme breaks.

Why only two then, why can’t you have a few more to choose from so you can experiment with …

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Modern Day Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

At Uni, many years ago, I studied aspects of psychology in relation to the management of human resources in a business. We were taught about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which was developed by Abraham Maslow back in 1943 as the theory of human motivation. This pyramid can be used …

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Reducing Database Calls on a Web Page

One of the things I always try and implement at the code design stage when developing web pages and applications is keeping the number of database calls to an absolute minimum. In an ideal world this should always be just once on every page, but in reality this is not …

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Heartbleed Bug – the what, the hack, the fix

What is it?

You may have heard about the Heartbleed bug; the recently discovered OpenSSL vulnerability that could potentially allow attackers’ access to supposedly secure servers, such servers that will often house emails, passwords, credit card details and more. If that doesn’t sound scary enough, it gets worse, experts believe …

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The New Bronco Website – Why?

You may have noticed something different about us, yes a new Bronco site. It’s been less than 10 months since we last had some ‘work done’ but we had some things that needed to change and giving our website a fresh new look provided the basis to help achieve our …

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11 is the magic number

So this time 11 years ago pen was put to paper and Bronco was formed. 11 years might not seem that long but when you consider it’s 24 years since the World Wide Web was first tested in 1990 we’ve been around for a good chunk of this time.

Fast …

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What are the limitations of Gettys new free imagery?

In a fantastically generous move Getty Images has made millions of its photos freely available for non-commercial uses today.

More commonly associated with heavy handed protection of their copyright Getty has seemingly become a generous soul in providing a huge selection of images for free. The only payment Getty receives …

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The Bronco Website – A retrospective

I’m Kean and I’ve been a web designer at Bronco since 2006. In the 8 years after joining I have been largely responsible for the Bronco website and how the design of this portrays our company to current and prospective clients.

So far that has led to a new Bronco …

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Is 2014 going to be all mobile?

Mobile has been and still is a hot topic in the web design community. Pretty much since the first iPhone was released there has been a growing trend for consumption of websites through mobile devices.

It’s expected that mobile devices will overtake the traditional desktop as the primary method for …

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