Keep Up To Date With Our Google Updates Calendar

One of the big changes that I have found with the introduction of Panda, Penguin and various other updates/penalties is that it is becoming more and more necessary to refer to some kind of calendar of updates and compare this to your organic traffic to see what updates you were affected by and perhaps give some kind of hint as to what is wrong with your current website.

After years of using Moz’s excellent calendar, we decided we would create our own. Our hope is that it might have a more UK focus, as sometimes updates may go live in …

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What to do when your split test is failing?

Every fibre of your being tells you that your split test results are wrong and the variation you’ve been running should be converting better than the original.

You’ve not just changed some small bits of copy or reorganised pre-existing content, you’ve built something brand new or included some new feature to help your users. But your variation is failing; hugely. But what can you do next?

Is giving up an option?

Your test has failed, give up and more on, right? That’s fine if you’re testing something simple like a new Add to Basket button but it’s not really an …

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Sales on Marks and Spencer website suffering after relaunch

It’s been announced in the news today that Marks & Spencer has experienced an 8.1% fall in sales on their website since a re-launch back in February.

Rumoured to have cost in the region of £150 million any drop in sales is clearly an embarrassment for M&S as well as …

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Case Study: Manual Action + Panda Recovery in 2014

This past year we’ve been working with a client to get them out of their manual action. We’d been working with them since June 2013, normally it takes us a couple of months to do a full link check, removal and disavow to get a penalty lifted, but sometimes clients …

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Forcing equal grid heights with JavaScript

Height has always been something of a problem in web design. There’s never been a very good way to have a grid list of items with equal height, not since the days of table based layouts.

Hard coding heights within CSS offered one solution but with Responsive Web Design and …

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Summer Festival Survival Guide

With festival season in full swing and Glastonbury kicking off this weekend we thought we’d put together a little guide for the festival virgins out there who so often find themselves unprepared for the challenges of camping in a field for 3 days.

With all the information readily to hand …

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Making responsive websites easier to understand

Blank faces. This is the response you’ll receive when you mention responsive web design to some clients. In the web community it’s an understood term, one we could talk about for hours but for clients it doesn’t really explain what it is within the term itself nor is it always …

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Dealing with media queries for lightweight CSS files

CSS media queries are pretty much the reason why we can now build responsive websites. They allow us to define CSS based on a number of different options but mostly we tend to use min and max width options.

There are three main methods of defining media queries currently…


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How do you define quality on the web?

After contributing to a Twitter conversation about quality in the web development industry it got us thinking about how do people assess the quality of the work we produce?

There are 4 factors that play a part in a web project:

Customer Service

In service based industries customer service is …

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Penguin and Panda Bots Free to Download

If you attended Dave Naylor’s session at SMX London 2014 then you will have spotted a few illustrations within the presentation that represent Google’s Panda and Penguin penalties. We never expected them to be the subject of twitter love…

Dave’s awesome Google bots pic on #SMXLondon @DaveNaylor

— Anders …

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