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As a company we are constantly adapting to the changing environments around us; our Digital Media Marketing (DMM) team follow the consumer's journey through the fluctuating digital landscape. We look at how consumers engage with our clients on a daily basis and study the platforms they use. Our focus, when planning campaigns, is always on delivering tangible results for our clients alongside relevant information to the end users.

We like to think our work stands for itself. Producing high quality campaigns across a range of channels aimed at engaging consumers: so much more than just content marketing. The campaigns we produce range from interactive websites to in-depth infographics and graphically created content, as well as fun videos and social media campaigns, and not forgetting the good old written word and real survey data. Using our experience and expertise, rather than giant budgets, we create something that people respond to, making sure we push out the right thing at the right time.

An unplanned approach to Digital Media Marketing is something you should avoid; we work on innovative content in a changing landscape. As part of strategy and planning, we look at behavioural targeting, personalisation and raising your brand awareness, whilst growing positive interactions, with acheivable targets.

In our experience, if people don't find what we have to say interesting, they won't bother consuming it and switch off which means a loss of engagement, and thus a loss of sales for you. Quite simply, we promote your business at the right time, with the right content, to the right people.

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Digital Media Lifecycle

Strategies can vary depending on the project and what our clients are looking for, however we always follow our tried and tested digital media lifecycle, adapting it where we need to. This follows through research and creation, to promotion and analysis to ensure we create the best possible content for your needs.

1 Research
2 Create
3 Promote
4 Analyse
  1. Research

    • Get to know the client and their goals
    • Analyse competitors
    • Brainstorm a variety of ideas
    • Choose and communicate the best idea
  2. Create

    • Create a plan of action
    • Collate information, research and assets
    • Design and build the idea
    • Write any supporting material
  3. Promote

    • Launch the idea
    • Share across multiple channels
    • Build relationships to maximise visibility
  4. Analyse

    • Collect media and social coverage
    • Analyse success of idea
    • Identify opportunities for future growth and success
    • Feed results into next idea

We can produce the following...

  • Multi-platform Campaigns

    When we have one amazing idea, we want to share it everywhere! Multi-platform campaigns, as the name would suggest, cover all the different platforms your target audience appear on. From websites, to social media, working on desktops and mobile devices, we make sure everyone can see your campaign on the platform they most often engage on.

    We love to see a strong idea really take off. There is no better feeling than seeing an idea prove popular not just on one medium but across many. We enjoy looking at how people interact differently across the platforms and find multi-platform campaigns offer a great way to measure different responses as well as ensuring your brand is seen by as many people, from as many different demographics, as possible.

  • Press Releases

    The press release is and has always been a useful tool for content marketing, which is why we use them for our campaigns. Sending a strong message, with engaging information and real survey data that people want to read, talk about and share is always our goal.

    We have found a good press release not only tells a story, but it informs people, and it's even better when it can make them laugh. They are a great way to engage with the reader, making them more likely to talk about and share your research, and thus your brand, with their friends and family.

  • Videos

    Our speciality is short form videos: little bitesize chunks of information are the perfect cross platform media; they are also really fun to produce and a great way to get your message across. We create unique animated videos as short as a few seconds or as long as a movie. They can be fun and light hearted or take on a more serious tone.

    We have found that these videos are perfect to share not only on your site, but also on YouTube, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, gaining shares, likes and interaction from audiences. Video is becoming a key player in the social landscape and with our help we can make sure your video stands out from the rest.

  • Interactive Microsites

    A great way to get people involved in your marketing campaign is to produce something they can interact with, have fun with and share. One great way to do this is by creating a microsite. These can take the forms of quizzes, competitions, games or fun information for your brand.

    The benefits of creating an engaging microsite are that they can easily be shared from social media platforms as well as being directly emailed to any customer lists you might have. You can host them on your own website or seperately and they can be embedded on other websites or news sites which helps increase visibility.

  • Infographics

    Humans respond to visual images; in fact 90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual, and 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. So when we look to create content for you, one of our favourite ways to do this is to produce infographics and visual content.

    You may think infographics have been overdone, however we don't agree. We have seen how popular infographics still are and data and information looks so much better when presented in graphic form. We aim to inform, inspire, and help connect people to your brand via visually stimulating and engaging content. We pride ourselves in creating infographics which aren't necessarily the traditional ones you see and we provide a fresh perspective on them.

  • ...and more

    Of course, we understand that every client is unique, and as such, so are your needs, wants and final targets. Above is just a small sample of the work we can provide for you, but we are very adaptable, so if you have any ideas not covered above feel free to get in touch with us and we will do our upmost to help you out.

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