First launch of 2013

We’re only a couple of weeks into 2013 and our first new website of the year has been launched; The Behaviour Company. The website is the first redesign since its birth in 2010 and the website has undergone a major upgrade.

A bit of background

Jez Rose, the Director of The Behaviour Company first approached us three years ago to build the original Behaviour Company (TBC) website (though named differently at the time). The site at that time was a small brochureware website that contained little more than text, images and video.

Over time it grew, as websites tend to do, and began offering free PDF downloads, new services as well as the ability to book unique seminars through PayPal.


In Q4 of 2012 Jez approached us with another round of updates and we took the opportunity to sell the idea of a redesign.

Though the old website could accommodate anything that was thrown at it, it was difficult to optimise some sections, especially in the area of Conversion Rate Optimisation. With a redesign we could look again at how a user might traverse through the content of the website and towards converting to become a customer.

With the knowledge we’ve gained through working with TBC over the past three years we were confident we could put this expanded knowledge of both the client and their customers into action and create a website that would represent a big improvement over the previous website.

We could also push newer web technologies that have developed since 2010. These include responsive web design, SVG, HTML5 and CSS3. The website also makes greater use of MYSQL to store information making the website much easier to update as well as allowing us to deal with time specific content in a more sophisticated manner.


Jez accepted his company had grown too big for his current website and that a refresh could help push his company forward. Not only did Jez recognise the need to better present the content and services already found on the website but that a redesign would help in pushing future enhancements he had in the pipeline.

The result is the completed The Behaviour Company website.

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