Should Designers write content?

While everyone can write, to do it well is a skill that comes naturally to some more than others. Yet I’m starting to feel that as a web designer it’s an increasingly vital skill in my toolbox.

Over the past year especially I’ve worked on a number of projects where …

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A Swish New Website

Over the past month or so we’ve been teasing that we were working on a new version of our website and today is the day we officially announce its launch; on our birthday no less (you might want to check out our social channels for more birthday related stuff).

While …

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Jetting to help

There are just some projects that you can’t help but go that extra mile with.

Jett is a 5 year old boy who along with his family have been dealt a difficult hand as Jett has Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a muscle wasting condition that causes severe pain, ever limiting movement …

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Observing AMP

If you don’t already know what AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is, then heading to the AMP Project website is the best place to go. Briefly it’s another way of writing HTML with a number of restrictions that aims to make a webpage load faster. Google also caches the pages …

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