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How to plan a customer retention strategy – Part 2

In part 1 of our how to plan a customer retention strategy, we looked at reducing lost or inactive customers, great customer service and staying true to your company ethos by being transparent and consistent.

In part 2 we will look in more detail about some of the top things your business can do to increase customer retention and loyalty, and why they are so important to a good …

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How to Integrate Sage Pay with PHP

Here we will guide you through how to integrate Sage Pay’s “Form” method of integration. Sage aren’t much help here with their overly complicated integration kits, but a huge shoutout goes to Timur Olzhabayev and his library on Github which simplifies the process.

Step 1

Download the afforementioned library from …

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Introducing The Bronco Garden

As you’ve probably seen, here at Bronco there’s plenty of buzz about bees. We’re big on corporate social responsibility, and not just because we get a serious amount of honey delivered at regular intervals from our awesome little hive over at Bees For Business in Lincolnshire. Bees are so important …

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