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Social media and digital marketing – the basics

In recent years, consumers have become savvy to established marketing techniques such as adverts, banners and emails which no longer have the same impact as they used to. With so many consumers now turning to ad blockers, skipping video adverts and scrolling past banner ads, companies are having to come up with new ways to entice new customers and to differentiate themselves from their competition.

By utilising social media platforms, …

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Case Study

Paul Roffman

All design work involves a certain amount of creativity, but there are certain projects where you have to temper that creativity to deliver something usable in line with user expectations. For example, you wouldn’t want new BBC News or Amazon websites that included visual flourishes that distracts the user from …

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How to Integrate Sage Pay with PHP

Here we will guide you through how to integrate Sage Pay’s “Form” method of integration. Sage aren’t much help here with their overly complicated integration kits, but a huge shoutout goes to Timur Olzhabayev and his library on Github which simplifies the process.

Step 1

Download the afforementioned library from …

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