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Google Update March 2019 – Florida 2

In the rollercoaster world of search marketing, we’ve had news of a new update labelled “Florida 2.” This new update, which has been called a big and important broad core update has caused quite the shake-up from reports so far, so what do we know?

Well, so far… That it’s official, as announced by Google Search Liaison.

This week, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several

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Should Designers write content?

While everyone can write, to do it well is a skill that comes naturally to some more than others. Yet I’m starting to feel that as a web designer it’s an increasingly vital skill in my toolbox.

Over the past year especially I’ve worked on a number of projects where …

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Case Study

Insurance Hero

When clients like our work so much that they tell others, or come back to us again and again, it’s a welcome confirmation that what we’re producing is fulfilling or even surpassing their expectations.

It’s through our dealings with Alglas that we got to know James O’Nions. In addition to …

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Team Bronco Peaks & Pits of 2018

One of the great things about this time of year is not the Bronco Christmas Party or our secret Santa (although they are highlights) but the opportunity to look back on the year. We have had a very busy year, with lots of new and exciting clients, huge changes in …

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