The Value of Good Design

It seems that, on the web at least, design is no longer a good explanation of the process of creating the visual layer of a website. Instead we now have User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design; the former being concerned with the aesthetic quality of a design and the latter on how a person interacts with a website or service.

I’m not yet convinced of the need to differentiate these as both play a significant role in the success of any website. But either way the smallest change in a website whether it’s attributed to UI or UX can have serious consequences on its ability to generate revenue.

So if even the smallest change can have a big effect, what do we risk when redesigning the whole of a website?

The New Myspace

This is just what Myspace is about to discover when it launches a(nother) new design soon. But with four years as the sinking ship of social networks they are risking very little with a redesign. For Myspace doing nothing guarantees only one result; its eventual demise.

It could be argued that another new design could be a case of chucking good money after bad but a complete rethink is the only option available to Myspace if they wish a return to former glories.

The teaser video dubbed ‘new Myspace’ shows that the boys and girls at Myspace HQ are finally providing a grown up service having radically updated not only the design but the way in which users will interact with both content and each other. But we are guessing a little given that the redesign has yet to launch. Only then can we be certain of what new Myspace is.

One area of interest for us is to what degree the redesign will rejuvenate Myspace. If the new design does indeed stem the outward flow of users and even attract a new generation then this could be one of the best examples we have on the effect of good design on the success of a website/business.

It would provide proof, if any were needed, that creating a service devoid of good design and user experience is not a viable option.

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