What goes into building a website?

In the past few years we’ve had many businesses approach us to commission the building of a new website, yet some lack the understanding of what it takes to turn their ideas into a completed website.

For many they have not worked with a web agency before so do not know what to expect. This lack of understanding can make them hesitant to push forward and instead allows their competitors to pull ahead.

To expand their understanding businesses or individuals may conduct their own research, but few resources exist that are targeted to them. They do this for a few reasons:

  • To understand what is expected of them
  • To identify what they can expect from a web agency
  • To improve their technical knowledge and be able to speak on a more equal level with those in an agency

At Bronco we try to communicate as much as we can with prospective clients to inform them of our process and to put them at ease about a project that will impact on the future of their business. But sometimes such conversations are information overload and providing clients with resources they can refer back to and read at their own pace is more advantageous.

So we’ve now included as part of our own website such a resource.

Entitled ‘The Bronco Process‘ we’ve mixed textual and graphical content to explain the stages that go into the commissioning, building and launching of a website and the involvement of each of the major contributors at each stage.

Our team often communicates directly with a client so we knew it was important to represent this alongside text which details each of the 13 major stages of our process in a simple and non-technical manner.

We’ve wrapped this in an engaging interface optimised for modern browsers. Unfortunately some of the techniques we’ve used can’t be supported on small screens and older browsers but for these the content is always accessible.

Click here to have a look.

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