Scientia potentia est

There’s an old proverb that says “Knowledge is Power” (Scientia potentia est in Latin) and in more modern times you might have heard “With great power comes great responsibility”. So if you do some math you might come up with the less catchy “Knowledge is a responsibility”.

The human race has progressed and evolved in part due to those with more knowledge fulfilling their responsibility to pass on this knowledge to others. Sure this is a rather grandiose concept for an article that is in essence about self promotion, but imagine a world where the thoughts, ideas and research of great minds were never passed on.

What if Darwin never spoke of Evolution, Curie of Radioactivity or Dyson of bagless vacuum cleaners? Our world, with maybe the exception of the bagless vacuum, benefits immeasurably from these discoveries and the subsequent research performed by those who have been passed on this knowledge.

At Bronco we know our ideas are not changing the world like these great thinkers but the perceived importance of knowledge does not lessen the responsibility of people to pass this on. Within the Web Design and SEO communities we have knowledge to share that others can benefit from. It’s for this reason why we write articles both here and on, we attend and speak at conferences and in the case of this month we have contributed to .net magazine.

SEO Basics

A fortunate series of events provided one of our SEO Consultants; Rory Lofthouse, with the opportunity to write a few words on the basics of SEO for issue 234 of .net.

SEO is a complex subject and at its most complex our knowledge is changing daily in reaction to the changes made by search engines like Google. But even in such a complex industry there are some basics that for the most part remain constant; at least long enough to remain valid amongst the scheduling delays of print media.

.net magazine

To read what Rory has written about SEO then you’ll find a copy of .net in all good newsagents. Or you can download a digital version if that’s your thing.

Can we help?

At Bronco we enjoy passing on the knowledge we’ve acquired to help others. If you have a problem or a question and think we can help then get in touch with us.

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