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It’s been yet another busy week here at Bronco with the mid-month workloads keeping everyone occupied and on their toes. I figured I’d make it a little more of a special edition where we can take a look at the recently mentioned Bronco Gym.

In a bid to help productivity improve further, Dave’s science behind it…

(Exercise x Bloodflow) x more Oxygen + Brain = productivity

Or something like that… But not forgetting the fact that it’s a really amazing perk for the rest of the team here at Bronco – we all now have access to the gym out of working hours which is perfect and really beneficial to us, with lots of us setting new goals for 2016. So thanks again to Dave and Becky for being so generous!

So without further ado, here’s our new gym! It’s still a bit of a work in progress but you get the picture.


Here we can see the Cage (left), Smiths Machine (central)


Cable Machine and Rowing machine now in view with a glimpse of the punchbag!



We’ve focused on a broad variety of equipment to ensure that each individual here at Bronco has the opportunity to work to the goals they want to achieve easily with things like an Olympic cage, Smith machine, cardio equipment, dumbbells, mats etc.


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