2013 will mark Bronco’s 10th birthday and as the company has grown over those 10 years we’ve done our best to repay the hard work of our team. But while we’ve always tried to ensure our people are comfortable both inside and outside of working hours we’ve lacked a stunning office in which to do the amazing work we do. Our team deserve an environment that has a positive influence on their working lives.

That’s why (hopefully) in 9 weeks time we will be moving into brand new offices marking the biggest change for our team in quite some time.

Specially designed

Most companies move office out of necessity; they need additional space for growing staff numbers or need to place themselves closer to where they get their business. But our new Headquarters (more interesting names happily accepted) isn’t all that much bigger and it’s not much more than 50ft from our current workplace.

The reason we’ve made the decision to move is for two reasons:

Reunite the team

For a few years the company has been split into two separate spaces. We have a downstairs and an upstairs office creating a false division in what is still a relatively small company. The advantages of being in the same space are too great for this not to be something we needed to correct, and now we have the opportunity to do just that.

Blank Slate

It’s fair to say our current office is dull, not just corporate minimalism dull, but a cream painted and dropped ceilings kind of dull that does nothing to inspire. To achieve the radical change we desired we needed a blank slate, a space that would be more flexible to any and all changes we might wish to make.

We found the space but to create something amazing we knew we needed outside help. So in came the Phaus design team to design us a unique space; something that goes far beyond a couple of false walls and a lick of paint.

The result is a creative environment that compliments us as a company whilst also remaining completely functional as a modern workplace.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we have planned:

Bronco HQ Sneak Peek

9 weeks to go

Should everything go to plan we’ll be picking up our keyboards and mice and moving in before the end of next January. I’m sure it’ll take a little while to get used to all the changes but after that we’ll have an office to be proud of.

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