Being a bit of a Back to the Future NUT and self-confessed Michael J Fox fan I have to admit to being more than a little excited when I realised that the actual #BacktotheFutureDay was happening this year (yes, I may have been taken in by some of the earlier hoaxes which did the rounds).

Of course we couldn’t let this occasion pass without celebrating it, and we decided to do it in our own unique way by looking back at how the Bronco team looked at the moment Marty and Doc left 1985 to come to… well now. (Sounds so simple but you have no idea how many conversations that took for us to get our heads around it – Want to know about SEO, social, digital marketing or web design then we are your guys. Want an explanation as to the time space continuum…well, just don’t call us. )


Of course we weren’t the only ones to get in on the act and our top 10 back to the future day moments have to be:

  1. Waterloo station


Even Waterloo Station is a #BackToTheFuture fan… Not quite sure what to do with my hover board now though!

— Katherine Legge (@katherinelegge) October 21, 2015

but we also loved Birmingham’s attempt too


  1. Back to the Future socks


  1. Spotify created a Back to the Future playlist


  1. Siri was updated to have appropriate responses to  “Happy Back to the Future Day”


  1. The cast were reunited


  1. Comparisons were made


  1. USA today created a “Marty McFly Arrest” wrap cover


  1. David Cameron made a Back to the Future joke during #PMQs

David Cameron made a #BackToTheFuture joke at Jeremy Corbyn's expense during #PMQs. Watch here:

— Sky News (@SkyNews) October 21, 2015

and Twitter hated it

Cameron tried to make a #BackToTheFuture joke, everyone go home now because he's RUINED IT.

— Roisin O'Connor (@Roisin_OConnor) October 21, 2015

  1. Michael J Fox and the White House teamed up to increase Parkinson’s Awareness and highlight the Michael J Fox Foundation


  1. And this video was released




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