What and who is the Bronco Digital Media Marketing Team?

Bronco is a creative digital marketing agency, but we like to think we are a little bit different to other agencies out there. Our talented team is driven by success and passion, working across SEO, design and development, PPC management, Google penalty recovery, digital media marketing and social media.

Because digital marketing is constantly evolving, as the world we live in becomes more and more connected digitally, the way companies market themselves online also needs to be constantly evolving to keep pace. The Digital Media Marketing Team are tasked with creating useful content and developing strong communication channels with customers to drive engagement. This is done via a variety of channels, covering content marketing and social media marketing.

Content Marketing

Producing and distributing content for marketing purposes has evolved from early days of advertising into what we know today in the digital world, but the reasoning behind it is still the same: to produce and distribute relevant, timely, interesting content to attract and engage a particular audience or consumer/customer that a business is targeting.

For digital content marketing activities there are a number of different types of content which can be used: interactive websites to in-depth infographics and graphically created content, as well as fun videos and social media campaigns, and not forgetting the good old written word.

Strategies can vary depending on the project and what people are looking for, looking at the digital media lifecycle, and adapting it where necessary. What you do learn from working in digital marketing is that if people don’t find what we have to say interesting, they won’t bother consuming it and will switch off, which means a loss of engagement, and thus a loss of sales.

“Remember to promote your business at the right time, with the right content, to the right people.”

Social Media Marketing

Simply put, social media is a way of communicating, like the text message, email and even the spoken word. Social media fits into digital marketing because it allows conversation between businesses and brands to their customers, either existing or potential, in a way that hasn’t been able possible before. It allows real-time communication and messages to be sent instantaneously.

This form of communication can be created to be targeted to particular consumer or customer groups. It can be personalised and, when done properly, it can see increases in engagement and drive more sales. Social media marketing is a great tool to use for word of mouth advertising; the ability to have people retweet, share and like your content allows your message to be seen by wider audiences, over and above initial targets, helping to increase and strengthen brand identity.

“With a personalised approach to social media, a company can stand out from their competitors and offer a service that builds trust and life-long loyalty.”

One of the reasons clients love working with us, is because we will tell you what you need to hear, not what we think you want to hear. Our desire to help clients is unrivalled, with our ethos being that ‘There’s always a solution’.

Bronco is more than a business; we are a family, and we are known to be straight talking. We love to share our knowledge, which covers all digital marketing disciplines. No problem is too big or too small for us. We strive to bring our clients success in their online business.

“At Bronco, we try to do things differently. Our passion and success is down to a team of talented experts working with a range of clients across multiple industries. We have all our resource and expertise in-house so who you talk to and meet at the outset is who will be working with you every day.”

Meet the team

Hannah Corlett @hannah_corlett

Hannah has worked for Bronco since 2009, starting out as a content writer at a time when digital content marketing was only just starting to be applied by many online businesses. In the time since, her role developed as the services offered at Bronco changed to fit the fluctuating digital environments.

Now heading up the Digital Media Marketing team, Hannah draws on her years of experience working in different sectors and as a content writer to ensure clients get the best possible results. One of Hannah’s main areas of interest is social media marketing and influencer marketing. You will most likely see her active on Twitter Chats and keeping up to date on LinkedIn as well as posting on Instagram and SnapChat.

Stewart Corlett

Stewart has worked for Bronco since 2008 and was originally brought in as a content writer, providing copy writing and articles for client’s websites and blogs. Since joining, Stewart’s job has continuously evolved as the company developed new processes and strategies in the ever changing digital sector.

Now a leading member of the Digital Media Marketing team, Stewart’s vast experience in a number of diverse and interesting sectors means that he has the creativity and knowledge to produce digital marketing campaigns that are both original and interesting for the reader.

Stewart’s main drive is to create great content that people will enjoy reading and sharing, and he strives to produce content that is useful for the readers while generating brand awareness and coverage for his clients.

Sian Thomas @RebelAngelBlog

Sian joined Bronco in 2013 after a short stint teaching Latin and Classics. She began in the SEO team, working in outreach as well as part of the content team, before merging these two roles together to become a fully-fledged member of the Digital Media Marketing team.

In her spare time, she writes (several!) blogs, including a personal fashion and lifestyle blog that she began in 2009. As a result of this, she has developed strong relationships with other influencers and sees content marketing and SEO from the other side of the spectrum.

Today she has a passion to use the skills gained from personal blogging to produce great results for clients. You’ll be most likely to find her researching a new topic to write about, interacting with fellow bloggers on social media or with a red pen in hand, proofreading articles and content for other members of the Bronco team.

Steve Robinson  @Bronco_Steve

Steve Joined Bronco in 2017 after previously completing a first and extended diploma course at Harrogate college which covered a wide range of units, such as computer systems to networking and computer games development. All of this has given Steve a breadth of knowledge and skills in various subjects, whilst also picking up some useful tools and online skills along the way.
As part of the Digital Media Marketing team, Steve’s focus is be on producing creative content for our clients, increasing brand visibility and connecting brands with journalists and bloggers. Steve’s flexibility shows through different formats of writing, whether it’s in a press release style format or blog post. Steve’s drive is to bring new ideas to the table, provide out of the box thinking and establish high standard pieces of content.


Paul Dobson

Paul studied for a degree in Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2000.

He then worked in various design agencies in Newcastle and Northumberland before joining Bronco in 2014.

Paul has a wide skill set from illustration, 3d modelling, Motion graphics and graphic design for online and print.

He enjoys creating engaging and informative pieces for the DMM team such as infographics, illustrations, videos and micro sites.


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