Strides have been made this year towards protecting bees, with the EU voting to ban many bee-harming pesticides and more people joining the fight to save them. Despite this bee and other pollinator numbers are still declining, and the battle is continuing. We have been pleased this year to see our hive at the Bees for Business farm thrive and become stronger, all good signs for the future.

Without bees and other pollinators, the safety and security of the world’s food supplies will be at risk. In 2015, there were just 270,000 hives in the UK, compared with nearly a million in 1900, the decline in those years had a significant effect on colonies and the overall number of pollinators in the UK. However, more and more people are starting bee hive initiatives and those such as Bees for Business allowing people to ‘adopt’ hives to ensure the security for the future and halt the decline of the honey bees.

We have worked with Jez Rose for a number of years on different projects. When he came to us with his new venture, we couldn’t wait to be involved. We ensure our Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities are more than just lip service, and the opportunity to adopt a beehive from Jez and Bees for Business was something we couldn’t say no to. Not only are we helping maintain the bee population, but we also get honey back from our bees in return.

The buzz in the office has had the team learning more about bees and the impact the declining population have. So much so we created the Life of Bees website. The website aims to raise awareness of the plight of the honeybees in the UK and encourage people to get involved whether that’s adopting a hive or just as simple as making some changes in their garden.

We spent a lot of time raising awareness this year, by sharing our website and encouraging people to think about bees and other pollinators this summer. It was important to share our message, and we reached out to a number of websites for them to share relevant information on protecting and helping the bees over the summer months. Check out some of the coverage:

As well as our hive with Bees for Business and the Life of Bess Website, we also sent out bee-friendly organic wildflower seeds to the local community, clients and businesses we work with, this was to encourage people to plant bee-friendly flowers in their gardens to give the bees a helping hand.

We also planted some in our very own Bronco garden which became a hive of activity for bees and other pollinators this summer.

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