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We know just how much a website can be affected by a Google penalty, and our extensive experience of helping some of the biggest brands means we have a vast amount of experience with both Panda and Penguin penalties, as well as Unnatural Link Warnings and manual spam actions. In the process, we've developed tools internally which allow us to successfully diagnose, treat and monitor your site's performance.

Google penalties can be difficult to diagnose and therefore remain elusive to many business owners and busy marketing managers. At Bronco, we aim to swiftly and accurately provide diagnosis of penalty issues as well as deliver damage control measures and rebound strategies.

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We're winners

Our methodical and scrupulous approach have brought a 100% success rate. We’ve recovered long-standing penalties for new clients in as little as 2 months, even after months of failed attempts.

Always manual – never automated

We gather link data from many sources and manually review each and every link. Our experienced experts build a detailed database of your site's link profile to make the best, informed decisions.

Post-recovery support

Once a penalty is removed, we provide support and guidance on how to avoid penalties in the future as well as on-going monitoring to keep a close eye on a website's performance.

Think you have a penalty?

Many named Google updates like Penguin and Panda are now fully part of their search algorithms. Our Search Marketing team constantly observe the small changes in the SERPS and update our Google Update Calendar whenever we see changes that impact rankings.

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A considered approach to penalty recovery

Diagnosis and removal of a penalty takes careful analysis by an experienced consultant; our 100% success rate is testament to our skill and knowledge in this area - If you're having trouble, we’re confident that we're the agency to work with.

Why Choose Bronco to Manage Your Recovery?

Unlike many mainstream Google recovery tools and services, our processes are manually completed, giving us the chance to review each and every issue with an experienced and informed decision being made by a team of experts.

Because we remove the automated decision making, we boast a very successful Google penalty recovery rate. We have accomplished everything from the recovery of Google Panda issues, Google Penguin clean-ups and recovery, right down to getting manual actions, caused by a link penalty, lifted by doing a thorough link cleanup and reconsideration request.

Our manually reviewed link data comes from multiple sources that paint a comprehensive picture and our processes have enabled us to have a 100% success rate when dealing with penalties. Even when a penalty is removed we provide full post-recovery support to help ensure the long-term health of your website.

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google penalty is an algorithmic or manual action against a website's ability to rank organically, or how it's displayed within Google's search results.

Penalties against a domain or its pages are brought on by sites not following, or actively going against the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Google are constantly changing and updating their policies as well as their algorithms, so it's important to keep up to date with what Google's up to, to ensure you're not putting your website in harm's way.

What is a Manual Action?

A manual action against your site, is as it sounds; manual. This means a Google employee, specifically, a member of the webspam team, has manually taken action against your site and placed a penalty upon it. These are arguably the easiest to have removed but will require a no holds barred approach to the clean-up process, whatever that might be.

Saying that, manual actions can also be the most severe, with some sites being removed from Google's index altogether; so you'll have all organic Google traffic to your site disappear overnight.

Manual actions exist for one reason and one reason only, Google's algorithms aren't perfect. There are always websites that will slip through the net of even the most complex algorithms. The Google webspam team bring a human element to ensure all websites are adhering to the rules.

What is the Google Penguin Algorithm?

Google Penguin launched in April 2012 with the aim of lowering the ranking ability of sites which were seen to be manipulating search results through unnatural link building, i.e. paid or spammed links.

Since then, Penguin has been iterated numerous times; making the algorithm more refined and efficient at taking automated actions against sites which are found to be breaching Google's quality guidelines. Recent iterations have seen Penguin merged into the core algorithms with real-time adjustments to a site's ranking ability; links are found, and ranking scores are adjusted against the linked-to domain or its pages.

A link signifies an editorial vote of confidence and each link in a website can contribute positively to the rankings of the website that's being linked to. Google Penguin exists to help to eliminate sites from ranking highly when they are manipulating Google through link spamming techniques.

What is the Google Panda Algorithm?

Google's Panda was introduced in February 2011, to help identify and lower the ranking ability of sites with "thin" or low-quality content, thin meaning lack thereof. The flip side of this was for Google to serve better quality pages to its users, rather than those predominantly filled with advertisements or duplicated content.

As the Panda algorithm improved, it eventually became a integral part of the core algorithms and rolls out periodically.

Why does Google Panda exist? To answer this, put yourselves in the position of a customer. You wouldn't want to be clicking through multiple pages and seeing the same low-value content or content that is secondary to paid advertising. It's of benefit to Google to make sure the sites it links to are useful to their users.

Helping you grow even when a penalty's gone

Once a penalty is lifted, the work only just begins, not only do you have to regain lost traction, but past strategies, which led to the penalty will need to be addressed, often with major changes and overhauls.

We provide ongoing support to our clients, monitoring performance as well as marketing and development decisions, which can lead to issues; from technical duplications causing Panda issues through to link building strategies which may lead to Penguin issues or even manual penalties.

Alongside monitoring, we provide guidance and support to our clients to help educate internal departments to safeguard against future problems.

Is something holding you back?

If you think you're being held back but you're not sure by what, we can provide a free assessment of the site. Our team looks at a number of factors including information from Google Analytics and Search Console to determine what issues might exist and what solutions are available.

We're always happy to help so get in touch for some advice.

A complex puzzle designed to feel simple

Understanding what we're up against

Investigative analysis is always a starting point, we mix a number of variables to gain an understanding of a site's issues, and this includes talking with the client (yes, we talk to our clients), reviewing analytics data and historical ranking performance.

  • Ranking history
  • Penalty date
  • Penalty type
  • Recent changes
  • Visibility
  • Search console errors

Uncovering all the data

Once we understand the issues the site faces, we do data gathering, this could be backlinks or information about the websites structure, use of technologies or content usage. We always seek to gain as much data and insight as possible, to gain a complete picture.

  • Data gathering
  • Link databases
  • Site review
  • Content analysis
  • External exploration
  • Site crawls

Analysis and manual review

With data in hand we both manually and programmatically review the website and link data to provide an insightful overview of penalty causing issues and how to fix them.

  • On-page analysis
  • Manual review
  • Programmatic review
  • Technical audits
  • Recommendations

Executing the plan

All penalties are different and require a tailored approach and thought process. We base a plan of action on all the information we have gathered to create a clear and prioritised list of actions.

  • Planning
  • Prioritisation
  • Execution
  • Strategy
  • Support
  • Rebuilding

Penguin and Panda are algorithmic signals which dictate the rankings ability of a website; think of these as rankings boosts for playing within the guidelines, not penalties for not following them.

A penalty is when someone at Google has manually reviewed the site and placed a restriction upon it. To get the best from your organic channel strategy, it’s best to work with Google, not against Google; at least for long-term growth.

David Naylor, Bronco