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Every day, hundreds or even thousands of people ask Google questions about your line of business and each time they have to decide which websites offer the most trustworthy, up to date, and reliable information in order to rank these and present them within their results page.

Unless you operate in a small niche, search engines have thousands of potential websites they can choose to show. It’s Bronco’s job to solve the puzzle of your website, unlocking it’s potential and satisfying the needs of Google and others so that your small business reaches a greater audience, bringing potential new customers and new sales opportunities daily.

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Realistic goals

We avoid promising instant and miraculous results. We've spent years fostering close relationships built by being realistic, honest and looking after our clients' long-term business goals.

Trusted SEO Experts

Don't know anything about how Google works? Trust us, we do. In an ever-changing industry our experts are constantly researching new opportunities for your business..

Over 20 years' experience

We haven't succeeded this long by chance. Working for small local businesses through to massive multi-nationals; our experience is emboldened by the diversity of our clients.

Confused where to focus your attention?

A website is a significant investment – particularly for a small business or startup. It's your shop front. It's your lead generator. It's a chance to make a first impression.

But having a good website is just the first step, you also have to get it in front of as many people as possible. Our Small Business SEO Services are just one of our marketing offerings, but one that our small team of dedicated professionals with decades of combined experience are perfectly placed to advise you on.

Much more than automated SEO reports

For a small business with limited funds, opportunities for bespoke and specialised Small Business SEO services are limited. Automated tools, generic reporting and lacklustre service leave many disorientated and lost. Bronco guarantees a no-nonsense service, reinforced by our expert team.

Uncovering the hidden issues

Underneath your glossy new website lie layers of code. Each line represents an opportunity or risk to the impression search engines have of your small business website. While you might see a beautiful website that perfectly represents your brand, under-the-hood things could look ugly.

Our goal is to get rid of as much noise and clutter as possible so that search engines see your content and your message and can display these to your target audience.

Focus on where your audience is

Though many businesses dream of achieving global dominance, starting small isn't just sensible but also necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

Local SEO for small businesses can be as simple as starting with your Google My Business; making sure this is up-to-date and accurate. Longer-term, it might involve targeting your SEO efforts towards specific locations and regions that your business is able to service. Traffic from a region you're unable to support is just wasted traffic until you've grown to cope.

Traffic means nothing, conversion is everything

Building and optimising a website that attracts millions of people to visit may sound good, but if these don't result in paying customers, then what's the point?

As a small business ourselves we know that whether we're attracting a large or small audience, it means nothing if this doesn't have a positive impact on turnover, and thus profit. Increasing traffic is easy, our job is to discover the opportunities that will increase conversion and ensure the recommendations we make lead to observable growth to your bottom line.

Becoming a credible resource

How does Google decide which website is “best” for any search term? Though a lot of this is based on your website, your credibility is also a factor.

On the web, credibility comes in many forms: coverage in the news or on social media, or through links from other important websites; our team work to find opportunities for you. This might include speaking to newspapers and online magazine, creating social media or reciprocal partnerships.

Together, a well-considered campaign will give search engines the confidence to recommend your website to their users.

Forging long-term SEO partnerships

You've got enough on your plate running your business, let alone staying on top of the technical details of your website. How much you want to learn about what we do is up to you.

Nothing we do is a great secret; we work tirelessly to make sure your website runs faster, is more accessible to Google, and says the things to your customers need to see.

Behind the scenes, it's all manner of technical things, but if you want to understand more then we'll try to explain. Our goal is making your website better in every way, involving you as much or little as you have time for.

A complex puzzle designed to feel simple

It starts with you

At Bronco we start every campaign by talking to you before we even think about what our plans are. Between your knowledge of your business, and our expertise of search engines, your SEO campaign will be totally unique and bespoke to your business.

  • Client questionnaire
  • Competitor research
  • Meetings
  • Analytics
  • Keywords

Let's see what makes your website tick

When we know what you want it's time to do a deep dive into what makes your website. Immersing ourselves in its underlying code and identifying potential issues and providing recommendations of what to do next.

  • Link audit
  • Technical audit
  • Content audit
  • Penalty review
  • Reputation management

Let's get technical

Correcting the technical mistakes that might exist in your website is critical, and often is the difference between being seen or not by Google. We'll review everything, spotting things that others don't; it's nerdy but we love it.

  • Titles & meta
  • Schema
  • Duplicate content
  • Crawl errors
  • Faceted search
  • Canonicals

An everlasting SEO cycle

We regularly review our strategies, knowing that what works today might not work tomorrow. Utilising the latest tools, combined with human analytical thinking we're constantly evolving to deliver the best service to our clients.

  • Search visibility
  • New practices
  • Google algorithm changes
  • Experiments
  • Research and development
  • SEO tools
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