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In today's digital world, you can’t avoid the iconic influencer. While they’re often poked fun at, you can’t deny the impact an influencer can have on their following!

Influencer marketing has become an important part of many businesses' marketing strategies in the ever-evolving digital world. Brands can increase their sales, build awareness, and engage customers with the help of influencer marketing.

Our small but mighty team have years of experience working with (and as!) influencers between them and individually, therefore you can rest assured knowing your influencer marketing campaign is in great hands.

Finding the time to discover the right influencers for your brand, those who have a real following and who will promote your content in line with your brand voice is tricky and time-consuming. Here’s where we come in, we do all the leg work for you!

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Always prepared

Maxed out your ad spend budget? We’ll help you find the right influencer to promote your business to a large audience so you don’t have to!

A Team of Experts

Partner with the right influencer and see your brand reach new heights - we know because we have been them! Having seen the world of influencing from the other side of the coin, we have an insight into what they need and when.

Years of experience

We've worked with influencers since before the term “influencer” was even a thing! We know the ins and outs of building relationships as well as where to find the right person for you.

Making connections

Bronco can help find the perfect influencers for your brand to collaborate with and we’ll sort out all the finer details so you don’t have to! Our team of social media experts have the contacts and the tools to find the right influencer for you to make sure your brand gets a great deal and gets seen by the right people.

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Much more than product promotion

Finding the right influencers for your brand is absolutely key. You don’t just want someone who will share a single image then forget about your brand. Instead, we find the people who are likely to become strong and loyal brand ambassadors for you.

Data Driven Influencer Marketing

With experience in a vast range of digital marketing media, we have the ability to combine our data gathering skills across paid social with the more creative and personable side of influencer marketing for an unbeatable strategy.

With your business goals at the heart of everything we do we will strive to get the best possible results from your influencer marketing campaigns. With a track record of success we are confident we can help your business thrive, with real evidence of ROI in addition to buzz about your brand.

Build your brand's presence safely

Social media influencers are people who have a large following on one or more social media platforms and are able to influence their followers' opinions and choices. Through their content, they can influence their followers' opinions and drive engagement with their loyal audience.

But we know where brands have been burnt by influencers before, which is why we take every precaution when selecting influencers for you who won’t waste your time or money. We have valuable checks we do on every campaign to make sure that influencers don’t only align with your brand, but that they’ll also deliver.

Watch your brand's vision come to life

Struggling to get ahead in your industry? Is your growth stagnant? This is where an influencer marketing campaign can help with bringing your brand to a whole new audience. People trust real reviews on social media, and that's what we encourage our influencers to do for you.

We use our carefully honed skills in building great relationships with influencers to ensure that they know exactly what the brief is, making sure that they really tell your brand story for you.

Increase your audience exponentially

That's a big word, but we stand by it! Struggling to break through Instagram's algorithm? Not getting past 300 views on TikTok? Watch your audience multiply with the right influencer marketing campaign in no time at all.

Influencer relationships are win-win for both parties: brands get exposure and potential customers, while influencers receive free products and/or payment. This means you have the opportunity to build loyal brand ambassadors who will continue to promote you over time.

A complex puzzle designed to feel simple

Knowing me, knowing you

We can’t tell you how important it is that we get to know you and your goals in depth. To really understand your audience, we’ll ask a few questions, check out your competitors and see where we can do it better.

  • Goals
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Influencer research

Making contact with influencers

Once we know all we need to know, we’ll use a range of our skills, tools and contacts we have existing relationships with to identify the perfect influencers for your brand and campaign. We will make contact on your behalf and manage the relationship between them and your brand.

  • Identifying
  • Outreaching
  • Managing relationships
  • Agreeing terms

Watching the results roll in

The most exciting part - the coverage from influencers starts rolling in! We keep in close touch with your brand’s ambassadors so that the moment they feature your products or brand, we’re ready to engage and share their content to amplify it.

  • Securing coverage
  • Interacting
  • Amplifying
  • Building trust
  • Exposure

Seeing the results

A great campaign is nothing without measuring the results of your hard work. At the end of every collaboration, we’ll round up all the coverage as well as any new followers and sales that influencers have driven for you. And it doesn’t end there as we encourage influencers to stay in touch so that they become loyal brand advocates going forward too.

  • Measuring results
  • Regular updates
  • Monthly reporting
  • Recommendations
  • Creating brand advocates
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