How To Utilise Reactive PR For Your Client’s Outreach Campaigns in 2024

Reactive PR is the art of responding to the latest news, events, or trends in a way that positions your brand in the spotlight. There are many ways you can exploit this for your outreach efforts and clients.

Below you’ll find the sort of methods we use at Bronco that puts us ahead of the competition when scaling our outreach efforts.


YouGov is a global market research firm known for its online polls and surveys. Through its large online user panel, it gathers data on a variety of topics, including politics and consumer trends.

Start by signing up for YouGov’s newsletter and following their Twitter / X account. YouGov regularly sends out survey findings on various topics, often in response to current news events. This is where you come in and provide additional info sourced by your client that can be relevant at the moment.

These surveys cover various topics, from political changes to important social issues such as the cost of living crisis. The information they provide is both current and highly relevant, offering a strong base for your reactive PR strategies.

For example:

“Cost of living concerns see Britons expecting another cut-back Christmas” – YouGov

Money saving client:

“Expert Reveals How to Save This Christmas with Affordable Gift-Giving Hacks”

Then, follow up and provide the journalist with affordable hacks from your client:

Another example – 

“57% of Brits cut back on the amount of electric and gas in their home” YouGov

Energy providing/saving client:

“How to Save on Heating & Electric Costs in Your Home, as 57% of Brits Make Cut Back


ResponseSource is a media relations platform designed to connect PR professionals, businesses, and journalists. It offers a suite of tools including a Media Database, Press Release Wire, and Journalist Enquiry Service.

One of the key features of ResponseSource we use is the ability to find media contacts based on their requested enquiries.

This provides a platform for journalists to ask for certain information, and PR people and businesses can answer them straight away. Designed to make sure journalists get the right information quickly for their stories.

The Press Release Wire service makes things even better by letting users send out their press releases to a specific group of media contacts. This helps get their messages seen and heard more effectively.

Users can search for relevant contacts by sector, publication, or geographic location, ensuring that PR messages reach the most appropriate audience.

Agility PR

Agility PR is a used by many different marketers and organisations. This is generally used for keeping track of email distributions, news releases, discovering contacts, and getting detailed reports and insights on media.

The Newswire service allows users to reach a broad audience by uploading their press releases and imagery and videos. This can be helpful by receiving the most visibility and open rates for your clients PR’s and stories.

Similar to the Newswire service, the Newsroom features the latest news and announcements from clients globally. Providing the ability to distribute for greater visibility.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be a useful tool for reactive PR and newsjacking. It’s a free service that lets you know when new content with your specified keywords is published online.

You can set up keywords to monitor and even track mentions of your client’s competitors. This can help identify potential areas where your client can improve on existing content, taking inspiration from competitor campaigns or offering services not currently listed.


Homes4Media connects home, interiors, and lifestyle journalists with PR professionals. You have the ability to follow all kinds of journalists, publishers, bloggers, freelancers, editorial directors, the list goes on.

Homes4Media is ideal if you have any clients in the home interior or lifestyle niche.

The network feed enables you to see your following and their activity, along with their requests and stories.

There’s also the capability to send messages directly to users on the platform and for you to upload your content and stories to the network.

The Newsroom will showcase real life stories, hacks and ideas for home improvements and renovations. You can find journalist enquires asking for specific content which enables you to react towards.

Advice & Final Say

Avoid producing content solely to have something to publish. Keep it relevant and true to the brand’s voice. If you see a new enquiry or something relatable in the news your client can react to, take that extra minute to workout how you can add value or provide additional information.

Journalists like to seek fresh angles and insights. If you’re able to provide data or expert advise from your client, this will only benefit the angle of the story and it will be more likely that your client’s contribution will be used.

Remember, the goal is to offer something unique and informative that aligns with the journalist’s needs. By doing so, you not only enhance the story but also build a positive relationship with the media. This approach can lead to more opportunities for your client to be featured in future articles, as journalists will come to see them as a reliable and valuable source of information.

Stay informed with the latest news, be timely, and craft authentic responses that provide value to the existing content or story.

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