Can You Guess These Celebrity Cartoon Faces?

Steven Robinson

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It’s time for a fun quiz! We’ve rounded up famous celebrity faces and turned them into 3D cartoon faces, from babyfaces to evil faces, to comedy & more!

We’ve picked famous celebs that are currently being talked about or have appeared in the news lately to make it a little easier, so get your thinking caps on!

Below you’ll find six sections, rounding up a total of 30 famous celebrities for you to guess!

Section 1 & 2 – Movie actors & actresses
Section 3 & 4 – Female musicians & male musicians
Section 5 – TV Celebrities & presenters
Section 6 – Famous entrepreneurs

From well-known celebrities & hit action films to everyday songs you hear on the radio…

How many names can you guess right? 🤔

Source: Voila

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