Content pitfalls: The effects content can have when it’s not working

The biggest fear in digital marketing is when the content isn’t flowing properly and not giving you the results you intended. It can be hard to get through the process, particularly when the original ideas of the content appear to be great to begin with. We know, it has happened to us before and many other seasoned writers. How you deal with it, makes the difference. 

Recognising downfalls

You’ll soon notice difficulty arising when people aren’t reading your material or aren’t interested in hearing more about it, especially when you’ve got more to offer. Whether you’re targeting journalists, news related sites or connecting with bloggers, it can be tough to not reach your initial goals when trying to reach out.

You need to re-evaluate and reconsider the content in hand. “Perhaps the content isn’t strong enough?” says the voice in your head, maybe the chosen topic is not in recent discussion at the present time, and isn’t quite relevant right now?

Questions to ask yourself

Start to pinpoint the errors:

It’s always best to get other opinions or a second viewing when creating new projects, whether it’s overlooking the general angle of the piece, or as simple as checking through grammar, you’ll always find people who can contribute with a fresh pair of eyes can help give new creative ways to produce a solid piece of content.

Perhaps you engaged a few people but didn’t finalise getting anything published in the outcome? This can be due to a number of reasons; the most common scenario is not having additional information to provide and follow them up with. This might be a good bookmark or pinpointed area to remember and to consider for next time.


Brainstorm sessions

You want to be involved with up to date, current news and topics being spoken about when brainstorming your ideas. Familiarise yourself with what’s around you in everyday news, that way your ideas will soon be relevant and strike up interest.

The benefits of having brainstorming sessions are that they help gather everybody’s thoughts and ideas to collaborate with, helping to create a strong piece of content. It’s always best to get people’s impressions and angles across, and you can build off one another or come up with new ways for targeting.

Offering more

Providing more information or imagery can easily be done, whether it’s further research and information, more detailed breakdown of statistics, an infographic to help support, breakdown and backup the content. There really are many ways to produce and give more.

Statistics and data driven content are usually a great resource to create, as it can often engage journalists’ interest, depending on the spoken topic. If it fits in and is relevant for them, chances are they’ll look to feature the piece or want to hear more about it.

There are numerous amounts of ways content marketing can be introduced:


Sometimes ideas can see potential and to strike up interest, but not every idea will unfortunately happen. It’s all about thinking outside the box in typical scenarios, the ideas are good but what kind of angle with this cater to? Who will be interested? Can this be supported with anything extra, accompanied graphic, carrying out a survey etc.

You can find the positives from this, mark it down as a learning curve and be sure to consider the questions to ask yourself above. Assess the problem, take into account the considerations for next time.

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