eBay EPN Murders RSS Feeds For Affiliates

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eBay Partner Network Removes RSS Feeds – what does this mean for users?

This definitely slipped through our attention when it hit our inbox, thanks to some clever wording in the subject of the email: “eBay Decommissioning Dynamic Feed Generator”, which we don’t believe is how it was referred to in the admin section of your EPN account.

Ebay’s email contained the below information:

At the end of June, the Dynamic Feed Generator will be globally decommissioned, and we ask that you move off it completely no later than June 30. We will not be replacing the Feed Generator …

It wasn’t until we checked our admin section to find that daily clicks had fallen off a cliff. Upon checking our RSS feed URL, we got a dead webpage with no results.

The RSS feed was one of the easiest options to use as it was all configured within the admin section of EPN and you had an end product of an RSS feed to copy and paste wherever required. So not having this available will affect many users including “WordPress” users who used the eBay RSS feed for quick monetisation of their website.

We’ve taken a look in the https://developer.ebay.com/ to create the API and even using the templated code, this is way above even an competent web user, the RSS was easy to use even web noobs could easily configure a strong affiliate RSS feed.

eBay Affiliate RSS Replacement

After a few hours of searching Google and various links we have found a replacement for eBays RSS Feed https://www.auctionrequest.com/, they offer two payment levels with a free level, premium at $9 monthly or if you pay for 1 year upfront you can get it for $99 which works out at just over £75.

One of the best features that they offer is that they have a tool where you can paste your old eBay RSS feed URL into their premium feed tool and it will convert it into a new working RSS Feed URL, which saves a huge chunk of time recreating new URLs. They’ll even give you a free 14 day trial of the premium account level, which is more than enough to get a hands on feel for Auction Request.

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