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Rory Lofthouse

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Keeping your Google Business listing up to date and cared for has never been so important since Google’s most recent addition to Google Street View where circular pin drops are shown at the front of business premises.

One-click on the Icon and you’re given a call to action such as Call or Directions. It also displays your review stars so make sure those are up to date and continue to encourage customers to give you positive reviews so that you have some displayed. Click on the white space and you are taken directly into the full listing.

We checked a few streets and found some local listings missing such as Wine Rack below, even ones that are updating profiles frequently and appear on a layered map view. It’s possible that Google are testing how many circles can be provided on a single view and limiting how many are shown. This may lead to less active profiles being put into the background and not shown as often, meaning that’s it’s more important than ever to optimise yours to ensure you’re making the most of it.

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