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It’s been proven that having dogs in the office reduces stress, increases productivity and in general improves the overall mood of staff. We have had dogs in the Bronco offices for years now, and both office dogs have become fully fledged members of the team. We would definitely recommend other offices and businesses following suit where they can.

In the UK, trends have been growing to introduce dogs into offices, whether it’s the employers dogs who are the designated office dogs, or that staff are free to bring in their four-legged friends.

The majority of Brits support the idea of dogs in the workplace, as 1 in 2 favour the idea. Pets are important members of the family and considered to be like children by a lot of people.

Stress release

It’s said, that 81% of individuals believe that pet-friendly workplaces are happier ones, especially those in which dogs are allowed.

Each day Cooper and Murphy bound into the office. Their energy is infectious, and everyone loves spending time playing with them and giving them cuddles, giving staff a much needed boost.

“Petting a dog can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol.”

Creativity boost

A survey by Barc London asked about the benefits a dog can bring, and found that 92% believed their dogs were helpful in reducing loneliness. In 4 out of 5 cases, owning a dog leads to new human relationships, according to the survey.

In the survey, all participants owned 1 – 4 dogs and were based in the UK. Amongst those surveyed, 18% lived alone and 82% lived with someone else.

Here at Bronco, the dogs sit in on staff brainstorm meetings and when you’re struggling with ideas or suffering from a bit of a block, playing with the dogs can give you a much needed break. They also encourage staff in the office to talk more and engage with each other, whether that’s stopping by a desk for a quick pet of one of the pups or getting together to play with the dogs.

Business bonuses

There are many arguments for businesses to allow dogs into the workplace: increases in productivity and less stress related absences, along with improving employee moral and relationships among co-workers.

Our experience is that having office dogs can also improve client relationships, making us seem more human and approachable. Office dogs are also valued members of the team, help feature on the website as well as social media channels.

Friday 23rd June is #BRINGYOURDOGTOWORKDAY so why not trial having dogs in the office and check out our infographic to find out more about our office dogs, the benefits and what the Bronco staff think!


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