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We’ve all been through some really tough times over the last few months, and it’s easy to let your motivation levels and positivity slip, but it’s been really important, from a business point of view especially, to stay focused and stay positive.

Businesses have been affected differently by the pandemic, and this comes off the back of years of uncertainty over Brexit. Marketing can be seen as a luxury and often the first to be culled, but on the flip side it can be the most important service that keeps your brand in front of your potential customers. While some businesses will struggle if they are not agile enough, while others will quickly adapt, thrive and succeed.

So, in these crazy times, how do you manage to keep a positive mindset when often we are feeling mentally and emotionally drained? How do you lead a team in the right way to focus them in the right way? How, as a business leader, do you stay strong and keep pushing forward through uncertainty?

Wake Up Right

Firstly, it’s always really important to start the day right. If you wake up, get up and start the day with a positive outlook then it really helps guide the day. I rarely let my alarm snooze, as you’re just putting off the inevitable. Best to get up, grab a coffee and get showered and get the day started. If you believe you’re going to have a good day then you set your mind from the start.

“It’s going to be another day in paradise!”

Check Your Influences

We have to be careful with what we are influenced with that may affect your mood. We are bombarded all the time with opinions on social media and news channels churning out the doom and gloom so limit your daily exposure to this and avoid the negativity. I love my social media channels but I only follow a few people that I really want to keep updated with on Facebook, and on Instagram I stick to people that will inspire me to improve. I’ll then limit myself to checking in with news twice a day, and I stick with the BBC rather than going down any tabloid route. You can also choose how you react to a situation, and you can control how you feel about news, so always try to avoid the negative thoughts.

Get Moving

If you’re able to, get out and exercise. This will stimulate the release of endorphins which will increase your feeling of well-being. I’d advocate getting out for an early morning run, not only is it beautiful at that time of day, but it will also give you a boost before getting into the office. Exercise doesn’t have to be a run or a session in the gym, do something you enjoy, but stay active. While everyone is working from home during the pandemic and I’m solo in the office, you can’t beat a bit of a dance at lunchtime…the perfect downtime and good exercise 😊

Stay In Control

One very important factor that helps to maintain a positive mindset is to maintain the feeling of control. We can become tangled up in events and scenarios that we have no control over, or where it’s not our responsibility to find a solution. The other night I couldn’t get to sleep as I was trying to work out how cinemas would be able to sell tickets and work out how to socially distance people in a seating plan if they turn up in couples, families and groups of friends. Once I told myself it wasn’t my problem to find a solution for, I was able to switch off. You have to be resilient and focus only on what you have control over.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Having positive people around you helps. This is difficult right now with the pandemic, and with many people working from home. But even with the restrictions in meeting up and socialising, try to at least message or chat to a few friends or relatives during the day that will help lift your mood. I’ll probably do a few check-ins each day to catch up with friends and family and make sure they are okay, which will also do wonders for others too, so you’re passing on that positive mindset. It goes without saying too that showing your appreciation to others goes a long way, and something we can all get better at. It goes a long way and helps pass on the positivity.

Stay Grateful

Finally, and one thing that the pandemic has hopefully made people think more about is gratitude. It’s very underrated, but each day I will think about what I am grateful for in that day. Even if it’s been a really tough day, there will still be little things that I will be grateful for which helps to put everything into perspective.

These are not hard to implement, it’s just a matter of forming a few new habits and checking in with yourself. Keep negativity at bay and don’t feed the beast! Having a positive mindset will allow you to keep a better control on your decisions, and rest assured there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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