My First Two Months at Bronco

Natasha Barnes

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It’s now been two months since I left nursing to work at Bronco and wow, what a journey I have had so far! 

From medication rounds and caring for patients to writing creative press releases and managing Facebook ads, it is safe to say I have not stopped learning! I have always been a creative person, so being able to nurture this in what I do every day has been so refreshing. As each day passes, I feel I am improving, gaining confidence and expanding my skill set to bring my clients more. Working alongside the experts at Bronco has taught me so much and someone is always on hand if I have a question or if I need a bit of help, it feels like a family and I love that.

Now, this career jump may seem random, but I have always had a keen interest in digital and social media marketing. Firstly, who doesn’t spend a lot of time on social media nowadays? Secondly, when your husband is the Digital Marketing Manager for Bronco who is often talking about work and works from home the majority of the time then it’s bound to spark interest – shout out to Matt! So I decided to start an online Social Media Marketing course, whilst I was still working at the Hospital, to learn some theory and give me a bit of a head start. 

So far I’d say I have taken to the digital media side of things more easily compared to the social side, things like Facebook ads seem so straight forward from the outside, but once the lid has been lifted, there is so much more to it. I love thinking of new ideas and bringing them to life with press releases and blog posts, and it feels like Christmas Day when I get great coverage for my clients! Social ads are a little more tricky as it comes down to a bit of number crunching which honestly, is not where my strengths lie, but I am determined and I will master it.

Outreach was something else I had never even heard of before I joined Bronco and it took me a little time to navigate tools we use like Buzzstream effectively, but now I feel confident working with this. So far, I have got coverage for clients in The Daily Express, Good Homes Magazine, Ideal Homes Magazine, Bar Magazine and more in the pipeline… not a bad start! Digital press releases and campaigns are probably my favourite aspect of the job so far, seeing your idea take form and the potential of it being picked up by big media outlets and getting coverage for clients is exciting and extremely rewarding. 

I have also really enjoyed creating social posts and scheduling these to fit within the client’s social media plan. Being responsible for a client’s business through their social media presence can feel scary and intimidating at first, but now that I have gotten to know my clients, engaging with their customers has become something I really like to do! 

In order to get my head around Facebook ads initially, I had to envision it as a Russian Doll. Bear with me on this one – I am a visual learner so for me, it really helped with making sense of it! Think of the campaign as the biggest doll, then the ad set as the medium doll who sits within the largest one and finally the ad as the smallest doll who sits inside both. Without thinking of it like this the whole set-up just confused me and after sharing this thought process with my DMM colleagues they agreed it helped, we now call this the ‘Russian Doll Model!’

What I didn’t expect to be doing when I joined the team was to be playing Squid Game in the office or ringing up dry cleaners and asking them how much they charge to clean sheepskin slippers….but I suppose this is all part of agency life and pushing boundaries to create great content for clients!

The training and support I have received from my colleagues at Bronco has been incredible and every day I feel I am learning something new. I feel proud to work for Bronco and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have been given.

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