So was it the must see event of 2013?

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In January we boldly claimed that the must see event of 2013 would be Think Visibility; which rocked Leeds this past weekend. Now a few days after the event we feel our bold prediction was pretty spot on, but then we are somewhat biased.

Many articles you see on the #thinkvis hashtag will recount in much greater detail the session and the subjects they covered. I’m going to leave that for the pro’s and instead lavish praise on our own Becky Naylor for successfully surviving her first speaking gig.

But not only did she survive but she spoke like a pro, never displaying any of the obvious tells of nervousness. Hopefully this won’t remain a onetime deal and we’ll be able to get her speaking on her own next time, as she’s clearly more than capable.

But what about Dave? Yes, Dave spoke alongside Becky as the subject of their presentation was the story of Bronco and Dave is a big part of that story. But we’re not going to lavish praise on Dave because speaking publically is second nature to him these days; the bar is higher for him. In fact he should be reprimanded for going completely off topic on a couple of occasions. The only reason we can’t is that for him he’s at his best and most entertaining when he ‘goes off on one’. One day he might just not bother with slides altogether, he rarely sticks to them anyway.

The Presentation

For those unable to attend here are the slides for the presentation:

An aside

Seeing as we’re in the mood to lavish praise. We should also mention Dom and his fantastic team of volunteers who are responsible for making Think Visibility the success it is as well as being the most relaxed and fun conference we can think of.

We can’t think of anyone else who would organise a Christmas Party, with Santa giving out presents, in March. Nor do any other conferences provide attendees with more pick ‘n’ mix sweets than can be consumed in a single day.

It’s clear to see organising a conference is hard work and Dom makes it look easy stressful but he still does it anyway because he knows ThinkVis is a much loved conference in the eyes of its attendees.

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