How We Played Squid Game in the Office for Halloween

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the ever so popular hit Netflix series “Squid Game”. According to Netflix, 142 million households have watched the series so far and it’s claimed Squid Game has been the most viewed series on Netflix to date. A recent report suggests Squid Game cost roughly $21 million to make and is almost worth $900 million to Netflix!

As a bit of light-hearted fun for Halloween, we decided to act out the popular show for our social accounts. Of course, the “punishments” were not as fatal as seen in the show… we promise!

Let’s Start

We began by doing a bit of DIY and making the Squid Game business card by printing out the images online and sticking them on a piece of card. We taped each side together and it turned out great.

It all kicked off by recruiting and intriguing the players with the paper flip game, just like in the show. We made paper envelopes and coloured them both in.

Playing the Game

We followed the first game in the series, “Green light, Red light” and we saw the opportunity to utilise our own meeting room’s lights for our recording.

We then had the perfect idea for the creepy doll as seen in episode one, to which we used our office Lego man. We had someone kneel down behind the Lego man and twist its head to the back and then twist to the front. We then recorded and edited our audio of “Green light, Red light” and synced them together.

Of course, in the show and the traditional game, if you move whilst “Red light” has been called, you lose. So I volunteered to be eliminated!

We wanted to act out the famous “catch” scene, where Ali Abdul (player 199) saves Seong Gi-Hun (player 456). We had good fun acting this out!

Our next game was the honeycomb game, but we took the British approach and dunked biscuits into a beautiful hot cup of tea! The biscuit that broke first was deemed the loser and then eliminated!

We had fun crafting a bit of DIY and acting out a couple of games together in the office. There were no doubt a lot of laughs involved and some serious Oscar worthy performances. Not only does this give a bit of personality on our social accounts – something that can be tricky when we’ve been working from home lately – but it also gives us the chance to hone some of our creative and out of the box thinking skills.

If you haven’t seen our mini-movie you can watch it here:

We also have a bunch of outtakes that will soon be available on our TikTok so keep your eyes peeled for those!

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