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Becky Naylor

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Team Bronco have been taking part in weeks of gruelling training for Tough Mudder, but what is it all for? We hope by showing you where donations go and how they positively affect people, you will understand why we are raising money for such an important cause.

Muscular Dystrophy UK works together with individuals, families and professionals, to help people cope with muscle-weakening and wasting conditions and look for ways to beat it. There are over 60 different rare and progressive forms of the muscle wasting condition, in the UK they affect around 70,000 children and adults.

The charity works to support research into effective treatments and those working to find a cure for all muscle wasting conditions. They actively push to bring better and faster access to new treatments for people in the UK and make sure that they can help them access specialist NHS care. Muscular Dystrophy UK delivers resources and services for those with muscle wasting conditions and their families allowing them to live independent lives as much as they can.

All about Jett

“The team at Bronco have been amazingly supportive of The Jett Pack, they have designed all our branding to ensure we have a professional image in order to raise funds to help our little boy and others suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. A cure for MD is now in sight and your donation will help it come in time to help Jett.  90% of your donation will go directly into cutting-edge research by Muscular Dystrophy UK, searching for better treatments and a cure for MD, with 10% going to help Jett directly. 

The team are now going above and beyond what we ever could have asked!  Their training has been painful but they know that little Jett suffers pain like this just from climbing the stairs, or walking around at school.  Thanks for making the Bronco Mudders’ pain worth it to relieve Jett’s pain!”

Lucy Stenbeck

Jett’s mum

The difference your donations make


This money will fund full day of research into Utrophin upregulation with Prof Kay Davies and her team at their labs in Oxford.

For Jett, this research could be a potentially significant development in treatments for him, the protein replacement therapy has been showing promising signs of benefit to those living with both Becker and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The research has shown real signs of a tangible breakthrough.


Muscular Dystrophy UK will be able to provide a mobility grant to a family through the Joseph Patrick Foundation with this money.

The Joseph Patrick Foundation provides support and guidance with grants, this allows people and families to purchase costly items such as electric wheelchairs or a sports power chair. These items can cost those living with muscular dystrophy anywhere between £4,000 and £20,000+ which for almost all families is unaffordable. The grants from the Joseph Patrick Foundation are not means tested so anyone can apply and provided they fulfill the basic requirements they should receive the support.

For Jett, his family and others, grants from the Joseph Patrick Foundation have a necessary lifeline to leading a full and independent life.

I’m so proud of all the Bronco Mudders and their enthusiasm for the challenge ahead, everyone has put in maximum effort each week in training and come out much fitter in the process. Jett is a super little boy, and every time he pops into the office to visit he brings a smile to our faces. It’s brilliant that we have been able to help Jett and his family using our design and marketing skills, and it’s very rewarding from a company point of view to give something back to the community.

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