Top Tips to Look After Your Mental Health in an Office Environment

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week – 15th-21st May.

During this time it’s important to speak out about the subject and raise awareness. Check in with those around you and make time for each other. Anxiety is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023.

Maintaining a healthy approach while working in an office environment is crucial for overall well-being and productivity. Here are some strategies to help you take care of your mental health at work:

  1. Maintain a routine:
    Routines can provide structure and reduce anxiety and stress. Make sure you have regular breaks, a consistent lunch hour, and a fixed start and end to your workday.
  2. Take regular breaks:
    Breaks throughout the day are a great way to recharge your mind and reduce stress. Take a short walk, read a book, or listen to music to take your mind off your work.
  3. Stay active:
    Your mood can be greatly improved and the symptoms of anxiety and depression can be reduced through regular physical activity. Whenever possible, make physical activity part of your routine by taking the stairs rather than the lift or going for a walk during lunchtime.
  4. Practice mindfulness:
    It is possible to manage stress and promote mental well-being through meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. Mindfulness exercises can be guided through many apps and online resources.
  5. Eat healthily:
    Your mood and energy levels can be affected by what you eat. Ensure that your diet is balanced with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.
  6. Stay hydrated:
    Throughout the day, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration which can cause fatigue and impair your cognitive functions.
  7. Seek support:
    When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Talk to your manager or colleagues, HR, or a mental health professional if you feel you need help.
  8. Maintain work-life balance:
    Maintain a clear line between work and personal life. Keep your work hours as consistent as possible by not checking your email after hours or working outside of them.
  9. Create a positive work environment:
    Decorate your workspace with items that make you happy, such as photos, plants, or a favourite mug.
  10. Engage in social interactions:
    By building positive relationships with your colleagues, you will feel more connected and less isolated at work. Have a chat during breaks, participate in social events, or join workplace groups.

Often with mental health, a lot of people don’t show it.

It’s important to check in with people in case they’re having a down day. In some cases, it can be extremely difficult to know if someone is suffering with their mental health, as some people hide it well.

If you have a down day make sure you speak to people as they can cheer you up and keep you company. Keep doing the things that make you happy.

There is nothing wrong with taking off days or asking for help. Make mental health a priority in your daily life as much as physical health.

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