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Laura Brassington

· Social Media

I bet 10 years ago none of us thought that 140 characters would change the landscape of Social Media quite so much. However, with close to 289,000,000 active users sending around 6,000 tweets every second Twitter has proven its critics wrong. Obviously,  having gotten over the fact that 10 years of Twitter makes us all feel very old, we had to do something to mark this special day and we have had great fun reminiscing about the early days of Twitter:

Here’s Google’s first ever tweet:


And Justin Bieber’s

(Can we all have a moment to remember My Space)

Current Twitter legend Kanye West

and of course we couldn’t reminisce without looking at some of ours…

If you want to have a look back at your first ever tweet you can here  and here’s hoping it is better than mine (I am the single re-tweet)


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