It’s often tempting to cut corners and attempt to design a logo yourself. Perhaps you have an idea of what you want or you know the basics of a design programme.

Maybe you are a small business with a lack of budget. So why choose to spend it on a seemingly simple task as designing a logo?

Let’s explore some of the pitfalls of DIY logo design and the benefits of hiring a professional.

Common pitfalls

Many self-designed logos often fall into the same traps;



Your logo needs to be legible at all sizes. From a phone screen to external signage, there could be many applications for your logo. If the design is too complex or the linework is too thin it simply won’t be legible at a small size.

A common mistake amateurs make when designing a logo is to create it with photographic elements or in a raster programme such as GIMP or even Microsoft Paint. If the logo is scaled up from its original size a dramatic loss in quality will occur leaving the image pixilated.

Vector logos however, can be scaled up (and down) to any size without any loss of quality. The tiny file size of vector logos also makes them perfect for use on websites where page speed is a factor.

Many clients come to us with only a small rasterised version of their logo meaning that it needs to be re-drawn from scratch for use on large scale projects. This would not be necessary with a vector logo.

Off the shelf logos

Many companies exist on the web that allow you to pick from a selection of pre-designed icons combined with text of your choice. Off the shelf logos advertised from as little as £17.99 from companies such as Logojoy, Tailor Brands and Canva seem like an amazing bargain. However, these logos may have been downloaded hundreds, if not thousands of times, meaning that there are potentially many businesses on the web using exactly the same branding.


The benefits of hiring a professional designer

Hiring a professional designer can help you avoid these potential minefields.

Designed properly, your new logo can be a real investment to your business. It can give you a tone of voice help you be instantly recognisable and gain you new clients in a sea of other businesses.

Our professional logo design service starts from as little as £250 + vat and we can also revamp your existing logo. Get in touch today for us to help with your new logo.

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