1. UK Domain Registrations

As a Nominet Tag Holder, we are able register .uk domains on your behalf. These are normally registered for an initial period of two years after which they may be renewed.

Before we can register a domain, all customers must read and comply with Nominet's Terms and Conditions as well as being aware of our own terms.

2. Complaints and Appeals

As a member of Nominet we are required to comply with their Registrar Agreement when registering and managing your domains. If you have any complaint or issues with the service we provide, please contact us in the first instance so we can do our best to help. If you feel that we have not been helpful in resolving the issue and have fallen short of Nominet's Registrar Agreement, then you are within your rights to contact Nominet directly to make a registrar complaint.

3. Abuse

All Bronco customers agree to comply with both our terms and where the domain has been registered through Nominet, their terms (please see above). If you feel any domain that is registered to our tag, or is hosted could be deemed as abusive such as spam please contact abuse@bronco.co.uk in the first instance.

Please include as much information as possible such as log files (if applicable) so we can investigate the alledged abuse thoroughly and as quickly as possible.You must not divulge user names and passwords to any other person and take every precaution to make sure that they are not discovered by any other third party.

The web hosting account at Bronco Ltd is only to be used by the primary owner. Account holders are not permitted to resell, store or give away any web hosting services of their website to other parties. You are not permitted to run server processes (eg.Talkers/IRC Bots) from your virtual servers. Bronco Ltd reserves the right to refuse access to our servers to people we deem unsuitable.

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