For those who regularly checked in on our sister site at you may have noticed the frequency of posts had dropped a little since the end of 2015.

After 10 years of writing about SEO and related industries a mixture of busy workloads and lack of news to report left us debating the future of the site.

With many other news sites regurgitating the same old stories, and with the industry becoming more mature, there’s less for us to weigh in on and add our opinion or insight to. If we’re not adding to the conversation we feel our time is better spent focusing our attention elsewhere.

What now?

We’ve decided that from today we’ll stop posting new content to and will instead publish new articles here, instead of dividing our attention across the two sites.

For now will remain as a library of articles for people to read and look back on. Some articles will still be relevant today, while others give insight to how the SEO industry evolved since 2005.

In the future we’ll start publishing any new SEO related news and articles we write here. This is, of course, in addition to all the other articles we write about the web, social media, paid search and more.

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