Almost 18 months ago I wrote about how rather than redesign the Bronco website as we usually do pretty often that we were making smaller incremental changes to areas we felt needed an update.

Fast forward to the end of 2016 and we decided the website needed a bigger update. We felt the content didn’t focus enough on the benefits Bronco can provide prospective clients, the design was a little bland in places and that much of the underlying code at 3 years old was no longer representative of what we build for new clients.

So over the past few months we’ve been redesigning and rebuilding our website from scratch with the aim to launch in time for Bronco’s 14th birthday in April. In the run up to the launch we’ve been dropping some images that give the smallest of peaks into the new design over on our Instagram feed but with a few weeks left until launch we thought we’d show off a little bit more here; mostly because we really wish it was already finished and ready to launch.

And with that said I really best get back to building the site otherwise it won’t launch in time. Eeek.

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