Howgill Barn

When we set out to create the website for Howgill Barn, our primary goal was to provide visitors with an immersive and memorable online experience. Howgill Barn, nestled in the stunning Wharfe Valley, wanted a website that would showcase its unique selling points (USPs) and captivate a diverse audience of nature lovers, couples, small families with small children, dog owners, and more.

Design and Layout

Our design approach for the Howgill Barn website was driven by the desire to stand out from generic holiday letting sites. We carefully selected imagery that beautifully captures the breath-taking views of the Wharfe Valley, ensuring visitors are instantly drawn to the unparalleled natural beauty surrounding Howgill Barn. With one of the best views in the valley, we wanted to make sure this unique feature shines through and entices potential guests to explore further.

Another USP of Howgill Barn is that it stands as one of the few bricks and mortar properties in the area offering holiday accommodation. Unlike the prevalent glamping sites or wooden lodges, the barn provides a back-to-nature experience without compromising on the comforts of home. Our design team highlighted this distinction by using imagery that showcases the barn’s charm and cosy atmosphere, giving visitors a glimpse into the delightful retreat that awaits them.

Seamless Booking Integration

To provide a seamless booking experience, we integrated a trusted third-party booking service called Bedful. Guests can easily access the booking service through direct links or a convenient JavaScript widget displaying availability calendars. This integration simplifies the booking process, maximising conversions and ensuring a hassle-free experience for visitors.

Overcoming Challenges and Standout Features

Throughout the development process, we encountered and successfully resolved challenges related to server compatibility. Despite these hurdles, we remained committed to delivering an uninterrupted user experience. Our team’s dedication and technical expertise ensured a smooth launch, allowing visitors to enjoy the website without any disruptions.

While the Howgill Barn website may not have an extensive array of standout features, we focused on executing a small-scale design with thoughtful flourishes. These design elements tastefully highlight specific features, preventing the website from appearing generic or mundane. Our aim was to create a visually appealing and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors, inspiring them to book their stay at Howgill Barn.


The Howgill Barn website successfully delivers an unforgettable experience to its diverse audience. Through captivating imagery, we showcase the barn’s USPs, including the stunning views of the Wharfe Valley and the unique blend of nature and comfort it offers. With user-friendly navigation, visitors can easily explore the website and find the information they seek. The seamless integration of the Bedful booking service ensures a frictionless booking process.

Despite the challenges faced during development, our team’s expertise and commitment resulted in a successful website launch. By incorporating distinctive design flourishes, we captured visitors’ attention and provided a memorable online experience. The Howgill Barn website stands out among competitors, leaving a positive impression on visitors and inspiring them to book their unforgettable stay at Howgill Barn.

Bronco provided a great website building experience, they quickly understood our objectives and gave us a solution that fitted our budget, coming up with a design which reflects our brand values and a wireframe that is easy to navigate. The build progressed very smoothly and any tweaks were implemented immediately.  I would happily work with them again.

Sarah, Love Brownies

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