Google Introduces its Own Algorithm Update Calendar

Google updates have historically brought us some monumentous experiences and news within the SEO sector with many an algorithm calendar kicking around to put everyone’s take on each update, what the data has told us – not to mention the inevitable wailing/crowing of the winners and losers on SEO blogs.

But are those days now gone? Google has finally released their own take, maybe to try and outrank those already competing in the SERPs, or maybe to control the barrage of questions inbound post-volatility? Who knows?:

For me, this page is welcomed… I mean, I’m still definitely here for the reactive coverage from outlets in the industry sharing findings and actionable points, but having a go-to from the horse’s mouth is useful, and gives concrete evidence behind potential movement rather than just “hearing rumours of big movement in the SERPS!” tweets from big-name SEOs.

My biggest reason is that back in the day Google updates absolutely rocked the industry and the community suffered from the tremors for some time. That big red button brought websites down, provoked mass anxiety and created some of the most classic events like that Interflora spanking (more coverage over on Dave’s blog here).

Things are a little different now. The complexities of Google’s many different algorithms have led to such a high frequency of updates (big and small) that in reality, it’s pretty hard to keep up with, especially with the activity that goes on day-to-day within an SEO agency.

We do still have ours available here with all the historic events (it needs a little updating) but it’s a great reference still – We’ll get to it, I promise!

The biggest takeaway is that Google is still very much active and shows no signs of slowing, the recent May update caused quite the ruckus this year and I’m sure more will follow. 

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