Google’s New Helpful Content Update Rolling Out This Week

There’s a new Google update which is due to roll out within the next few days (if it hasn’t started already). The update has been designed to look at content created to rank well and to provide users with a better search experience – it’s very much looking for content that has been written with the user in mind and not for keyword ranking purposes…. As such.

A complete rollout of the update will take two weeks, according to Google. So now is the time to collect enough data to determine if any changes to your traffic are temporary or permanent.

Next week, we will launch the “helpful content update” to better ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, rather than content made primarily for search engine traffic.

Google goes on to explain the different types of content that will be impacted the most, falling under;

The main focus of the update is to make sure content is original, helpful and written for people, by people. So AI-driven content will be most likely picked up and flagged.

Google will likely be looking for content that directly answers questions or educates the user, that contains backed information via the likes of research, reference and more, or contains a well-presented analysis of a specific topic. Additional points such as authors and authority will likely also be highly considered. Lastly, Google will be looking for those that present their content and findings the best out of the competitors within the niche. There are many factors to consider.

It will be Google’s goal to deliver a satisfying user experience. Content should address the question fully and prevent the user from needing to visit another website afterwards.

If you’re concerned about your website content and wondering how the Google update will impact your website, get in touch with us today and we can discuss your content strategy.

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