How to Reduce Cost and Increase Traffic with Online Display Advertising

According to recent industry studies, 71% of people would like to see digital adverts that are specifically tailored to their personal tastes and shopping habits, and that the vast majority of people are tired of seeing irrelevant pop ups, banners and adverts when browsing online.

Irrelevant adverts are a common problem that is affecting all sectors on the internet as brands look to drive traffic and sales for their products and services. This has seen a sharp rise in consumers using ad blocking software and has also prompted Google to update its Chrome browser to filter out disruptive ad experiences.

This can be a major headache for brands that rely on digital advertising for traffic and sales, but with careful planning and execution there are ways of reducing costs while increasing traffic and sales with digital advertising.

Know your target audience

Targeting the right people with your digital advertising campaigns may seem like Digital Advertising 101, but it is easily overlooked by even the biggest brands. Setting up an effective online advertising campaign is not just the case of placing your adverts everywhere and hoping to drive traffic and sales; this is a recipe for disaster and will end up costing a lot more in the long run.

In fact, big brands such as P&G and Unilever have cut their digital advertising budgets over the past year due to ineffective targeting and higher campaign spends.

In-depth market research is key to creating a campaign that targets the right people at the right time, and knowing who your customers are and what they want will reduce costs while delivering the right message.

With the right customer research it is even possible to advertise certain features within a product or a particular service to targeted people, providing them with something they are actively looking for while driving traffic and sales to your website.

Utilise both desktop and mobile advertising

Just about every week we hear about the rise of mobile and the death of desktop, but in truth, utilising both of these avenues is a great way to create a strong campaign. By targeting both mobile and desktop you will be able to see trends developing, allowing you to decide how much of your budget goes into each one.

You may discover that a certain product or service performs better on desktop or vice versa, meaning that you can invest more money in that specific product or service on that platform and in turn increase your ROI.

Creating the right message

Showcasing your product or service by telling the customer how they will benefit from using it is far more effective than bombarding them with a list of information or features. As pointed out at the beginning of the article, people prefer advertising that is tailored to them and the more that an advert is perceived to be personalised to their tastes and shopping habits the higher likelihood of a sale.

Ensuring your message is clear, concise and aligned with your customer target requirements should improve your brand awareness and increase the impact of your digital adverts.

Don’t forget influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has come a long way over the past few years and is a great way of creating brand awareness and to drive sales to a targeted market. What makes influencer marketing so compelling is the fact that they are human; this automatically portrays reliability and relevancy in the eyes of the potential customer because if someone they follow likes a specific product or service this can influence them to purchase too.

Just like customer research, influencers will need to be researched to make sure that they encompass the ethos of your brand, have the right followers and are operating in the right niche.

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