Unless you live a long time ago in a galaxy far far away you’ll have noticed Sunday was Star Wars Day. If you’re not a Star Wars geek and don’t understand the significance it’s all down to May 4th (spoken as May the Forth) slotting very nicely into the much referenced line “May the Force be with you”.

Though this reference can be dated back to the late 70’s the day itself has picked up traction in recent years and with increased awareness it’s inevitable that it attract the attention of many commercial brands looking to cash in.

Almost any holiday is an opportunity for companies to increase brand awareness or sell more; it’s a cynical view but that’s just business. But big holidays bring big competition and making money from Christmas or New Years can be tough, especially for smaller companies with limited budgets.

But with relatively new holidays such as Star Wars Day there’s a bigger opportunity for smaller brands to increase their reach. Though Star Wars Day isn’t an official holiday it’s a mark in the calendar and a subject with mass following that a brand can integrate into their marketing strategies; mostly through social networking.

Revenge of Mickey

But with Disney now the rights holders to Star Wars and the continuation of the story arriving in cinemas in 2015 it’s possible that the growth of Star Wars Day may be limited if Disney wish to exert control and protect their property from misuse.

In one way Star Wars Day is a fantastic vehicle to promote Star Wars and at no cost to Disney but there has to be a tipping point where Disney will want to cut down on other brands using their property for self-promotion.

Star Wars Day 2014

But while Disney unfreeze their lawyers from Carbonite we’ll here’s some highlights from Star Wars Day…

The master and his Padawan #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay pic.twitter.com/s4iZPdROrw

— Mountain Dew UK (@mountaindewUK) May 4, 2014

This milk was way too cold for a golden bikini. #MayThe4th pic.twitter.com/vRtOewcgCM

— Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) May 4, 2014

I am your Frappuccino. #frappuccinohappyhour pic.twitter.com/g7PD5m6EUH

— Frappuccino (@frappuccino) May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with you. #StarWarsDay #Windows #OneDrive pic.twitter.com/b0VaGbkfnQ

— Windows (@Windows) May 4, 2014

Photo Credit: Zach Dischner

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