How to Integrate Sage Pay with PHP

Here we will guide you through how to integrate Sage Pay’s “Form” method of integration. Sage aren’t much help here with their overly complicated integration kits, but a huge shoutout goes to Timur Olzhabayev and his library on Github which simplifies the process.

Step 1

Download the afforementioned library from …

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Integrating iCal in PHP

iCal is a file format which allows the sharing of generic calendar information. A lot of sites such as HomeAway and AirBnB generate iCal files so you can synchronise bookings across platforms on which your properties may be advertised.

If one of these platforms is your own website, you may …

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Working with MongoDB in PHP

If you’re used to MySQL then making the move to MongoDB may be daunting. Here’s a simple walkthrough with examples to get you started.


Firstly, connect to your server and select the database with which you wish to work.

$m = new MongoClient(""); $db = $m->selectDB("database");

Access the relevant …

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