11 is the magic number

So this time 11 years ago pen was put to paper and Bronco was formed. 11 years might not seem that long but when you consider it’s 24 years since the World Wide Web was first tested in 1990 we’ve been around for a good chunk of this time.

Fast …

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The Bronco Website – A retrospective

I’m Kean and I’ve been a web designer at Bronco since 2006. In the 8 years after joining I have been largely responsible for the Bronco website and how the design of this portrays our company to current and prospective clients.

So far that has led to a new Bronco …

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Is 2014 going to be all mobile?

Mobile has been and still is a hot topic in the web design community. Pretty much since the first iPhone was released there has been a growing trend for consumption of websites through mobile devices.

It’s expected that mobile devices will overtake the traditional desktop as the primary method for …

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Can I use Viewport Units?

In CSS there are a number of units by which we can dictate the size of an element. The most common on the web are pixels (px) and percentages (%). But CSS has evolved and a host of new units have been developed; one of which is Viewport Units.

For …

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How to deal with spam

Spam; once just a tasty lunchtime snack it’s now a curse on your inbox. It follows a long history of unwanted communication that includes junk mail and cold calling. Alexander Graham Bell probably had people cold calling him about his PPI’s. But where spam differs is that much of what …

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People go where people are

Today it’s been announced that we could all soon own a little piece of Twitter. The micro blogging service has announced that they have applied to become a public company and so will be floated on the stock market.

In doing this Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook …

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