Twitter is 10

I bet 10 years ago none of us thought that 140 characters would change the landscape of Social Media quite so much. However, with close to 289,000,000 active users sending around 6,000 tweets every second Twitter has proven its critics wrong. Obviously,  having gotten over the fact that 10 years …

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The Art of Social Shopping

It doesn’t seem long since advertising was first launched on our favourite social networking sites (amidst some furore) and now, many are going one step further by launching the option for consumers to buy products through their platforms. The way consumers shop and adapt to different platforms available, including tablets

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The #GE2015 in Memes

The main by-product of the #GE2015 has to be the number of amusing meme’s produced in the run up to voting, during and after. From unfortunate Ed memes to scary Cameron ones, we thought we would pick a few of our favourites, Tweet us any we may have missed to …

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